Monday, March 9, 2009

Slow and Steady

We had a slow and steady day today. Catching up with a few on-line friends {{sending a BIG SHOUT OUT to the girls over at the Scrapsidaisy Forum}} taking it slow and easy around the house. Breakfast, coffee and a little creative moment cutting and gluing! Izabella you make my heart swell to bursting! I am blessed, truly I am. 

The day finished with cupcake cooking for school tomorrow :0) I have a slightly unique behavioural management strategy. CUPCAKES! I started out cooking them and giving them out to students' whose behaviours were worthy of a little treat. Then I decided to make it a little more intrinsic and less extrinsic. The kids have to earn stickers for their good behaviour and they can trade their stickers for a cupcake. Our clients are never short of a dollar or two to spend at the canteen, they don't however often have cakes made at home for them. It works for me and I can often bring a child back on task just by walking over to the cupcake container and making some oooohh and aaahhh sounds and commenting on how delicious I think this batch might be! It makes days a little more light hearted and slightly scrumptious, who could complain about days like that!

Short and sweet today. Except I know a few people are having trouble posting comments. I am SO not sure why! Please keep trying...perhaps Amanda you could leave a comment explaining how you do it pahleeeeze {{I've made cupcakes!!!}} Anyone else wanna give it a go? I'm not so sure what problems people are having, some say they can't see the  letters that they ask you to copy to stop bots invading sites (whatever that means!!!) It's a security feature, that's all I know.  Anyone else got any helpful hints for people trying to post? I'd appreciate the help.


Cheers All

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  1. Hey all. The only thing I do to post comments is type them in LOL.

    Seriously though, type your comment then click name/url, type your name in and press comment. If you can't see the words then I'm not sure what else you can do other than Jewelz turning off the need for word verification. Because it is a blog without a high level of traffic (sorry Jewelz)it is unlikely to suffer from spam so is therefore not really needed. Then everyone could post.