Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Not Brave Enough To Shave....Then Colour For A Cause


A BIG Thank you to the people of Hedland

This past week saw the Leukemia Foundations Annual fundraising event.
The funds raised help the Leukaemia Foundation to continue providing practical care and support to patients and families living with leukaemias, lymphomas, myeloma and related blood disorders. 
It also funds research into better treatments and hopefully cures.
Our beautiful daughter Tessa-Joy was NOT brave enough to shave...don't know if I would be either, however she was caring enough to colour for the cause (you have that option)!

On behalf of Tess, I would like to thank the Management and Staff of 
The Health and Beauty Shed.
They donated their time, expertise and products to help Tess 'Colour For A Cause'.

Thanks Girls :0)

We are gathering the pledges and monies donated, by many Hedland residents, and  we will give you the grand total when all of the monies are in our hot little hands.
I will tell you this much, Tess has raised an awesome sum of money.
I expect that the grand total will be between 
$$$$$$$$$$$$$$Five and Six hundred dollars$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

If you are reading this and have not donated to the cause, but would like to,
leave me a message, or flick me an email and I will tell you how you can.
They have made it so easy to deposit money...and it's tax deductable.
You can even add to Tess's total if you'd like...I know WE'D LIKE IT :0)

That's all from me today.
I thought this FANTASTIC effort and DESERVING cause was worthy of a post all of it's own.

I'll be back with a catch-up post tomorrow!

Whoot Whoot Whoot
Triple Arm Pump for our girl's effort.
You Rock Tender Hearted Tess!
SO proud of you.
I Heart You VERY, VERY much

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  1. that's awesome. you should be so proud. have a great day.