Monday, March 2, 2009

The Pilbara..... A Journey Of Discovery

Tread gently on this Earth!
What impression will you leave on this world when your leave this earthy realm?

Belle's footprints on a sandbank out at Boodarie
after the tide went out.

"The world is full of magic things, patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper." 
William Butler Yeats

The weather has been very wet and grey, with us on cyclone watch
over the last few days.
I wanted to post a few pics that 'warmed my soul' a little.
I took these shots a couple of weekends ago, when we went out to a tidal creek at 
Boodarie Station.
A few of the boys that work for Justin took their rods to do a little fishing. 
Unfortunately, the boys didn't catch anything. However, Juzz, Belle, Tess and I 
just enjoyed exploring the mangroves and tidal flats.
Nature in all its awesome beauty.

These little red crabs are shy little buggers.
I had to stand very still for so long that the muscles in my legs started to ache,
 as did my arm muscles from holding
my camera up to looking through the view finder.
They disappear down their little holes if you move even the tiniest bit.

Fortunately the cyclone has blown itself out. The weather we had made an awful mess,
so today Juzz and I spent a long time cleaning up out the back.
We had a huge dust storm just before the weather front came in. 
So everything outside is covered in red pindan (red soil).
Juzz brought the pressure cleaner home from work
 and we have been outside washing everything down,
 cleaning up the backyard in general, cutting back out of control bougainvillea
and just making it a more pleasant environment to hang out in. It was a little outta control there for a little while.
Now that the weather is cooling down a little, it will be nice to sit outside
watch the sunset, enjoying a drink or two
and eating some lovely dinners on our back verandah on the outdoor setting
that we brought with a Christmas voucher Grandma Froggy, Gomsey and Dee gave us a few Christmas's ago. 
(Well they gave us vouchers and we decided a new outdoor setting would be the perfect thing to use up our voucher on...and we got a real bargain at the time~ woohoo)
It will be nice to have some of our good friends pop over and enjoy the
neat backyard too...
Carla&Steve...Del&Tim....Ray &Tan....Kate&Kev...Manda&Ben
and anyone else I have rudely forgotten :0)
You will all be pleased to know the back yard is respectable once again LOL.
The beer fridge is chilled and the new BBQ is a cracker :0)
Bring on social time I say.
Enough hiding because I was ashamed of the mess it the backyard!!!

Finally Dee has told me there are not enough family photos on my blog :0)
Next post Family Family Family
('cause I tried to up load a few extra HOWEVER blogger is not co-operating grrrr!!!)

Cheers All

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