Thursday, March 26, 2009

Just going with the ebb & flow of it all

A week has almost passed me by. It has been a busy week. Much has happened but it has happened seamlessly. If something didn't happen, I didn't stress. I just meandered through the events of the week. I have been less frantic. I have done as much as I could do with the time I have had. If I couldn't do something, I didn't do it. My body was not very co-operative. The cold/flu bug that came to visit has outstayed it's welcome. It can go anytime from right NOW!
Lots of cool shots this week. I played 'Faction Carnival Photographer' on Tuesday. Lots of cool shots, many smiling faces and a day full of happy well behaved (for the best part of it) kids. Wednesday plodded past, I was feeling quite poorly and was just happy for bedtime to come around again. We had a sad event unfold but I don't feel like going into it tonight. I'll share it a little later. An incursion at school this morning, an old 'Carnie' passed through town. A Magician, the son of Carnival people. Slight of Hand tricks. White doves. Card and coin tricks. A scary looking ventriloquist doll stuffed in a battered old suitcase and a sort of 'state of the art', remote controlled Toucan. Yes a very large Toucan. It got a few oooh's and a couple of Ahhh's as well. Again I got to play event photographer. Man some of those kids had us rolling in the isle with their random comments. Like the little darling who was most concerned about the guinea pig being put in the same cage as the three white doves, he was sure something was gonna be eaten by something else. "Mrs B...there's gonna be feathers eveeeeerywheeeeeere!" Absolutely precious. Damn I laughed so hard. Just goin' with the flow.
Goodness the weekend is nearly here again.
Hope the sun is shining in your hearts my friends


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  1. your positive spirit, makes lifes worries seem trivial, your blogs are looking great :)
    xx zaina