Monday, March 30, 2009

Maybe this would be better

Just thinking out aloud. I am new at this Bloggin thang... I tried to do something a little new and different. Whilst in essence I think it is an awesome idea, I think I made it more difficult than it needed to be. Hello my LIFE! I have this application on my iPhone. You can turn any shot saved to your phone into a polaroid. Yesterday I thought I'd just snap away using my phone, and create a number of polaroids to share stuff from my Sunday. Things I am particularly liking at the moment and as I was doing it I snapped a few really cool snap shots. It was easy, it was simple and I wasn't lugging aound a large camera or swapping lenses. I was more caught up in capturing the object in the moment. I also happen to love how the application makes the photo a little grainy , I like the vignette..I just like how it looks.  I thought I could post them all together in photoshop...but I think they are too small. So I posted this polaroid I left out yesterday to have a comparison....I think I already know it's gonna look better one polaroid at a time. What do you think?
Thanks for checking in today. Have a great week. I have great plans afoot...some are even a little secret! Ssshhhhhh
I took a few cool shots yesterday. This may have been my favorite.

This one turned out pretty well too...not bad for an iPhone...stingy 2megapixel quality....however I shan't go there!  I like the application and I like the fact you do have some options for a little creativity and I am grateful I have the option at all.

I think I like this WAY more. It was far less time consuming and I think you can see the pics MUCH better. Although if you click on the collages they pop up in a separate screen and they are really easy to see.


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  1. love the polaroids. the iphone takes awesome photos. who knew? I love the blues in the "water babe" and "sunset" .