Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Deliciously Different

A new take on an old favorite. Infusing my cooking with a little artistry. Yesterday was a kind of BLAH  day, made a little less blah  by people's reactions to my cupcakes. Curiosity was roused wondering how? How did I bake cupcakes IN icecream cones? No big secret, I just poured the mixture into the cones and popped them in the oven. Quite simple really. Not my finest effort as far as quality of the cake went, I made two batches, one lot I think I overcooked a little and the other lot were a little underdone. No complaints from anyone though...I think they were too busy getting over the wonderment of it all teehee. I sent a small batch off to some of the teachers in the Arts Department at the High School. A small thank you to a few people who have made an effort to help Josh chase a few of his demons away, or at least to focus of what he is very good at! Dylan's (drama teacher and Facebook friend~don't cull me Dylan LOL) comment was...'Those cupcakes were INSANE!'. I also think that as our kids move on to High School we have less to do with the teachers that our kids have contact with. I'm sure they also get a whole lot less in the way of  'Thank You's'  from parents and I aim to rectify that! Yes there will be's always nice to have a few extra guinea-pigs to sample my new creations as well!
My day wound up in a far less BLAH and more Woohoo after a gossip session and play date at Maccas with Amanda and Paige....well, Paige did far less playing than Belle and much more texting, as is a budding teenagers way. Amanda and I popped into see Peter, the gent who owns Pilbara Photographics. He also spends much of his time framing things that need framing. I did a  small piece last year that was 'Ode to Amanda', Ode to Amanda and her thoughtful manner (Yes Amanda can be thoughtful at times, I see eyebrows raising...she just doesn't show that side of herself to many people, I know that showing her soft side to people ISN'T what Amanda does too often because showing your soft side shows your vulnerable side and she does NOT like opening up her vunerable bits to many people at all{{that SO doesn't sound right LMAO}}, it is her protective behaviour!) Jewelz raises her finger to her Effen Sister in their loving salute to the Sisterhood.  I provide Amanda with some of her D.O.T.T time...Duties Other Than Teaching, by taking her class for Art. On the odd occassion Amanda pops in after having collected a coffee for me {{though I don't think I've had one delivered to me this year!!}}. NOT just any coffee, but coffee a la Jewelz. A Latte with a splash of chocolate sauce in the bottom of it before the hot milk is added mmmmm chocolate infused coffee love. YOU ROCK AMANDA. Anyhoooo when Amanda saw the painting she wanted it, BUT...she can't have it :0) It was a piece for me, inspired by we took it off to Peter who sent it away to get a  giclee print done. I was a little apprehensive about the kind of reproduction that could be done...I didn't think it would be possible to reproduce it in anyway that would do the original any justice. I was SO wrong. Now we are just waiting for it to be framed. As the artist I was really REALLY pleased with the print, now to wait for the whole framed thang to see what sort of WOW value it holds. It boosts my own self esteem to think people actually want my work. It's the second piece that Amanda will have of mine. I did a very special piece for her last year and she tells me she love, LOVE, LOVES it and you know what...I actually believe her :0)
Finally...why do I constantly refer to Amanda as my Effen Friend...because we belong to a VERY EXCLUSIVE club. We even have our own salute. It flies in the face of what is acceptable and raises more than a few eyebrows. We don't often elaborate and I am sure people take our salute the wrong way HOWEVER it couldn't be farther from the truth. We are friends, we are Sista's because we both share vulnerabilities that we cover with bluff and bluster. We shared an awesome weekend drinking Effen Vodka (Yes it IS actually a brand of Vodka)! We got silly and laughed like giggly little girls, we played childish jokes on unsuspecting victims...and laughed a whole heap more and in the midst of it all our salute was born. With the flick of a finger we let each other know, that even on the crappiest days...there IS someone else who really does understand!
For you my Effen Sister.

With Love


  1. love the cupcakes. great idea, my kids would looove. My husband is a high school teacher and you are right about the thank you's. But when they come they mean a lot. Have a great day.

  2. Thanks my Effen friend. I had a great time at Maccas with you watching Belle bash kids bigger than her was much fun.

    To people reading this blog, I don't have a vulnerable side at all. This girl is made of stone!