Friday, March 6, 2009

Ode to Kal

Cyber Etiquette  
:the developing customary code of polite cyber behaviour in society.




This is Kal Barteski
{with newly born daughter Penn}

We are cyber friends. 
For a very VERY long time it seems, I have stalked Kal {~winks@Kal~}
Not in a weird creepy kinda way
but in an 'admire from a far' kinda way!
{well that's how I see it...Kal may call it differently LOL}

In the 'Bloggy World' if you read a blog and don't leave a comment
it is known as lurking.
Now lurking in the real world may suggest something creepy however,
in the cyber world, it isn't a particularly creepy past time.
{Well that's how I feel about it BUT I'll throw that one out to other lurkers to respond too}
psssssssst I know you're out there and I for one am not offended in the slightest that
people have visited my blog without commenting however, I KNOW you have visited!
How I hear some ask?
it's called StatCounter
and for those who are not yet too cyber savy...and I am learning so much more everyday,
there is much out there that we all have yet to learn and experience cyber-wise
and some of it will surprise the living daylights out of you!
Again that is only IMOSHO!
This little free application
^^^^^see above link^^^^^
is a web tracker,
it tells you how many visitors come to your site,
how they got there,
how long they stayed,
if they've returned
and a whole lot more.
Check it's a bit of an eye~opener for the not so cyber savy!

It also helps bloggers feel a little better about the number of people that visit our sites! IMOSHO
{{{In My Oh So Humble Opinion}}}
We blog for many reasons. One of them I think is,
 that it gives one the impression that others find your
thoughts and feelings important enough to read,
 it can do your soul a little good
and I think we can all do with a little food for the soul on the odd occasion. 
Though what works for one person may not work for another.
That's why you have a search bar tool and a scroll button!!!
If you don't like something YOU DON'T have to read it!

I am actually chuffed that people have taken time out of their day
to sit for a while and read a little about the things I feel are important
in my day to day life.
I like the compliments I get, both to my face or via emails or by posting a comment regarding the things I feel important enough to share with my audience.
Show me someone who doesn't like a compliment!,
Not someone who finds it hard to accept compliments!, 
because I know HEAPS of those kind of people, myself included! 
Isn't that right lurkers who know me?

My blog is my way of sharing my thoughts,
a way of expressing myself
a way of leaving a little of myself
on this earth that MAY have a impact on people
If it is a positive impact, FANTASTIC!
If it is a negative kinda thing for you I'm sorry BUT 
{{Jewelz sings, to the tune of 'It's My Party and I'll Cry If I Want To'}}

It's my blog and I'll I'll write what I want to.....

What is NOT cool, is when people leave you messages telling you
whatever you are posting is NOT what they what to read about!

Especially if they are really having a b!tch, instead of a light hearted jibe @ you.
Where is my lurking 'light hearted jibe' sister~girl Amanda?
OK...she can sound flat out rude sometimes...but that's Amanda and those of us who know her and love her accept her just the way she is, 
some of us even understand why Amanda is like this sometimes!
 {{Jewelz rolls her eyes@ Amanda...LOL}}
To those who make insensitive comments without REALLY knowing someone,
I say GOI
{{Get Over It}}
move on
but keep your crappy comments to yourself.

My friend Kal Barteski is my cyber hero.
{{blows smoke up Kal's butt in a friendly 'light hearted' manner,
 because I can, it's my blog
 because Kal knows exactly what this potentially offensive reference is about
 we have connected on a personal level and it's a 'between her and I' kinda thang'}}

just to clarify a little
I do not know Kal in an 'in the flesh manner' kinda way 
and this is an example of the double-edge sword analogy that can arise in cyber space.
 It connects people BUT sets up a long distance barrier for fostering 'real life' friendships.
Though if we are honest there are most likely people in cyber space we are friends with, that we may never have fostered real life friendships with,
 had the opportunity ever arisen IRL!
{{In Real Life}}
It has it's positives and negatives.
That is probably a WHOLE other post though!

I aspire to create a blog as good as Kal's.
I may not achieve the popularity Kal's site envokes.
However, in the name of positive self esteem development,
I'm gonna give it a go.
I'd rather leave this earth with fewer 'what if's'
and more 'I'm glad I's'
I make that comment with my late ex-husband in mind!

Now, I know a lot of people out there have the attention span equal too/or less than that of a Gnat.
I won't stand up on my soap box and blah blah blah for too long.
{{{looks around at a LOT of other lurkers who KNOW
that one of my major personality traits
is that I am not a wall flower!
I am small...but I am not quiet.
What I lack in height, I make up for in a verbose kinda manner.
That is me.
I accept that this IS me and I am trying to embrace that personality trait
instead of looking at it as a fault and apologizing all the time for being a "Chatty Cathy",
 I plan on harnessing that trait and making something positive out of it.
Every year I say to myself, at the beginning of the working year,
THIS year, I will TRY to be a little quieter!
Last year a colleague said to me,
"Don't you dare, because whilst we give you a hard time about how talkative you are,
it is part of your personality that endears you too us!".
I was flattered in a 'shame' kinda way!
{{In 'indigenous speak' that means
I am embarrassed by your words/compliments!}}
I am going to see how many people come out of the wood work as a result of my little 

My rant will happen over a number of posts
over the next few days.
Keep and eye on my tracker counter people to see how many people's attention this 
Cyber Rant gets!
At the end I will do a reveal.
In a past post I have told my readers that Kal
a 'cyber friend' but 'virtual stranger',
 has committed a RAK against me
{RandomAct of Kindness}
and that I intend to PIF it.
{Pass It Forward}
Hopefully the Postie hurries up so I can share it in photo form.
Finally I say this.
You blog about what ever your dear heart desires.
as for thoses that want Kal to get back to art instead of her
Self Esteem Boosting Posters
I say
{Jewelz pokes tongue out at those people}
{Get A Life}
not really sure what is 'cyber type' acceptable for blowing a rasberry at someone
but seriously
{{in this instance I feel it isn't acceptable to tell people what that acronym is for.
Cyber Homework...find out what DILLIGAF is short for!}}
and perhaps
might encourage you all to pull your bloody heads in and understand
sometimes creative outlets  are all about the artist and have very little to do with the audience.
We do what nutures us and if it nutures others in the process

Following my blog over the next few days will lead to the 
 the chosen recipient of my PIF of her RAK!
stay tuned.



  1. Hi Jewelz, I am a lurker. Well you probably already know that ;) I have been lurking the past few days. We have some similarities...I am a primary teacher too, an artist, a newbie blogger and a lurker. I agree, lurking is fine but commenting is good too. I started to read today's post but I am on my way out so I look forward to finishing it while I eat my lunch. have a great day.

  2. Rude. Me. Never.

    I like lurking too. Am I considered a lurker if I don't post on everything I read? Or can I get away with just posting when I have something to say or be 'rude' about?

    Your Effen Friend