Sunday, June 28, 2009

A Triptych SOOC

Today a Triptych

Still working out of my comfort zone...
...I have mixed the settings up a bit.
 I've switched from 'AV' ~which I know as the F-Stop!~
How wide the lens opens!
AND where I feel most comfortable
Trying to master the 'TV'~I'm sure that's the Shutter speed ~:0)  
How long the lens stays open.

To add an extra challenge...natural light...blah  :0(...

So...this weeks it's a triptych on SOOC Sunday in TV mode.
A snippet of this years Rock Eisteddfod training! 

Slurping Life
POP on over and check out everyone elses shots

Our Rock Eisteddfod Team is busy rehearsing
their butts off at the moment.
They fly to Perth on Wednesday to defend 
their title as last year's 
Last year the He-Devil was part of the winning crew.
{{He is the centre dancer in the above shots}}
This year both the eldest He and She-Devils are both part of the 
team we are sending away!
We are all flying down to watch the production
before we head off to visit our family in Adelaide :0)
Counting days now Grandma and Gompsey xXxXx

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Saturday, June 27, 2009

GOventuring for a Song and dance!!!

I'm just keeping up :0)
'Song and Dance'
was the inspiration for Day Four!

There is an artistic challenge my cyber-friend Kal Barteski over at [i] LoveLife   with  Elise Joy Blaha from enJOY it have come up with.
come join us

Wilara- a local Aboriginal dialect meaning 'moon'!
Wilara, my muse! She sings to me, she soothes me, her light dances upon the waves for me.
Oils. on a tiny canvas...sooo cute!
Text added in Photoshop.

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Friday, June 26, 2009


Fiesta of posts...Catching up.

For GOventure Day number three...I'm letting
the scrap-cat outta the bag...YES apart from everything else,
 I scrap on the odd occasion too!!!
❤Juzz and Jewelz❤

(Probably viewed best in a larger format...just click on the picture)

In-case you're as far behing as I am...I've gotten involved in a great little artistic challenge my cyber-friend Kal Barteski over at [i] LoveLife   with  Elise Joy Blaha from enJOY it have come up with.
This is a catch-up kinda day :0)
Pop on over to their sites, check out the other participants contributions
 by clicking on the links in the comment entries :0)
GOventure today somewhere...I dare ya!

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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Not My Type

Kal Barteski over at [i] LoveLife, in partnership with Elise Joy Blaha from enJOY it have come up with. An Artistic challenge...I'm sore because of this darn shoulder (CT scan next on the Doc's list of investigations! Sigh!!!)and a little behind BUT determined to keep up with this challenge.
I was just complaining about needing I have some, I can't bloody keep up...or awake ~wicked pain a$$ kicking drugs~!!!
So with out any adue I give you
My take on Tuesdays GOventure challenge 'Not My Type'

 probably viewed best in a larger format...just click on the image :0)

Acrylics, modge-podge and a stamp 'not my type BUT Heidi Grace's type' LOL :0) from a huge set of Heidi Grace stamps I bought on-line. ❤ these stamps...then I photographed it and added the type font in Photoshop :0)

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Sunday, June 21, 2009

☺ Lighting Up My Life On SOOC Saturday/Sunday ☺

Lighting Up My Life Tonight.
Baby She-Devil and her bestie, having fun with light sabers bought
from the visiting Fair (carnival).
I'm stepping out of my comfort zone and am practicing with
different settings on my camera. I'm fond of the Aperture (A) mode
on my camera. Tonight I worked with  the Shutter speed (Tv) mode.
Love how this turned out.
Woohoo me for coming out of my comfort zone. 
Believe me THAT is a biggy at the moment considering the
pressure the universe seems to be placing on me at the moment.
See this post for a little insight to what the universe has sent to test me of late.
{{Hence my absence from SOOC Saturday last week}}
Pressure can be a good thing so I am embracing it...if it can turn coal into diamonds,
I wonder what it can do for me!
I like that I am becoming better acquainted with my camera.
Speaking of need to pop over to Melody's @ Slurping Life and check out
the photos of others great photographers.
Slurping Life
We share SOOC (Straight Out Of Camera~no editing allowed)Shots
with each other each week, inspiring and encouraging each other.
How can you step out of your comfort zone this week?
Give it a go.....and let me know how you went :0)
Document about it....then leave me a message if you'd like.
Include a link in a message so I can see how you challenged yourself.
If I was a little less blurry from the pain meds I am taking at the 
moment I might have investigated how to insert a Mr Linky application.
The next challenge to tackle :0) has just presented itself LOL.

Embracing Challenges
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This is a really cool little Post Script....This blog entry fitted into a great little artistic challenge my cyber-friend Kal Barteski over at [i] LoveLife, in partnership with Elise Joy Blaha from enJOY it have come up with.
I was just talking about how this SOOC photo was an artistic challenge for me...Bizarre.
Sooooo.........I give you my SOOC entry as I GoVenturinG :0)  Come join us...I Challenge You!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

just keeping you updated

this has to be the most boring post i've ever done...however I just wanted to catch everyone up on why i have been absent.
1. he-devil had run away from home. took him a week to come home :0(..............
2. have been off work for a week. i have a pinched nerve in my left shoulder and the muscles are in a spasm .  
3. 5 hospital visits. x-rays, ultrasounds, lots of injections {that burn like a bitch} and 3 visits to my GP {local doctor}
4. heavy prescription drugs. just look at how whacked out I look in this photo taken with my photobooth application tonight! the white thing on my shoulder is a of the things that make the pain bearable.             
5. school reports...not easy whacked off your head and only able to type one handed {hence no capital letters lol} and a whole lot of editing because in lucid moments the comments seem like gobbledegook! sigh!
5. a gob smacking moment that blew me out of the water when i passed by someone i never thought i would ever have to lay eyes on again. that will be a jaw dropping post all of its own. all i will say is the person known as the toxic avenger has gotten a job in MY turf...2000kms away from the place i left to avoid ever. having to lay eyes on her again. in short, her action led to the death of my children's father almost two years ago to the day...well 10 days to go and it will be 2 years! i think the universe has brought her here so i can face her, have my say and achieve closure at last. thank you universe. you rock.
and........................that's all i can explain tonight. drugs licking...[ooops kicking in lol] again. keyboard letters melding together. time for heating up my wheat-pack and heading to bed.

so i shall return tomorrow a little more lucid i hope. another doc appointment at 9am.  so hi ho hi ho it's off to bed i go :0)woot
missing my blogging friends and, in a more 'together' moment, i have a whole lot of exciting news to share! wooot woooooooot :0)

love to my friends, peace to those i don't know well enough to send out love to teehee (don't want to creep  casual visitors that have yet to meet them!
ok seriously going crosseyed. 

sleep with angels my friends
♡❀♡❀♡❀♡❀♡❀♡ jewelz ♡❀♡❀♡❀♡❀♡❀♡❀♡❀♡

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Storytime Saturday SOOC

Helllllllloooo Saturday

Our morning started with Saturday morning storytime!
It gave me the opportunity to shoot this, my SOOC Shot for Saturday :0)
{{SOOC=Straight Out Of Camera}}
Bella is loving two books in particular at the moment.
She loves books in general BUT we have moments when
one or two are flogged to death.
Presently this beautiful new version of 
Eric Carle's The Very Hungry Caterpillar
is being enjoyed.
Eric Carl introduces the new Pop up version of his book
over at his blog.
We are embracing the cool to be
able to say oh Eric Carle read Bella The Very Hungry Caterpillar today
Belle chanted along with Michael Rosen today,
 as he recited his story We're Going On a Bear Hunt (that's our other favorite ATM!)
It's all out there. We read a book, we google it to see if the Author is on YouTube
 reading their story and we watch it snuggled up in bed
on the laptop WICKED!!!
It's one thing to read to your child but to further the reading
experience, it is important that children are exposed to many different readers!

Talking about's that time of the week again!
Pop on over to Melody's and see what others are sharing this fine Saturday!
Slurping Life
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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Well Hello Wednesday

Happy Hump Day

(taken using Photobooth on my iNotebook)

"Hello...Grandma Frogggy? You my parent! Where Gompsey?What doin?"

What she meant was

"Hello Grandma Froggy. You're my grandparent. Where is Gompsey? What are you doing at the moment?" 
(Gompsey=Byrne speak for Grandad)

Thought I'd post a little pic, captured the other evening.
♥Oh she just makes my heart smile♥
psssst.....not long Linnee :0)

No one else seems to be smiling very much around here at the moment. 
It would appear a nasty little Gastro bug caught a lift into our house.

Busy couple of weeks coming up. 
Reports happening.
Fete at school coming together.
P.H otography workshop starts next weekend ~ VERY pumped about this!
Rock Eisteddfod is almost here ~ super proud& super excited for the He and She-Devils!
AND...a family holiday soon soon soon... whoot whoot (double arm pump)!
Go Go Go

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Monday, June 1, 2009

♥♥♥ Creating Cupcakes ♥♥♥

It has been a week of cupcakes and celebrations!

The second eldest She-Devil had her party/sleepover this weekend.
Wall to wall tweenies. Oh My Goodness!!!! It was painful watching the dynamics.
Girls teetering on the brink of adolescence.
Busting to be accepted, screaming to be included!

Infusing ANY situation like this with sweet sweet goodness could only have been a good thing!
A rich chocolate cupcake with a centre of chocolate ganache topped with fresh whipped cream.
Wings of chocolate cupcake split and placed into the whipped cream. Dusted with icing sugar.
More chocolate ganache squeezed on top and a stick of kit-kat speared into the ganache!
If I do say so myself ~MAN THEY WERE GOOD~
Amanda asked me to work a little cupcake magic for Paige's birthday celebrations!
Paige asked as well.
Happy Happy Thirteenth Birthday
Miss Paige
Rich chocolate cake with a centre of chocolate ganache.
Topped with a butter icing.
Decorated with mini marsh mellows and mini licorice allsorts!

I have spent a busy week re-evaluating how things get done around here.
I have increased my hours at work, not by much BUT the extra couple of hours 
have thrown out my routine SIGH.
 So I'm just finding my new groove there.
The He-Devil is still challenging me and I am working on strategies to handle
the curve balls he is sending me. 

I am feeling the need for a little shake up around here.


♡ Celebrating Birthdays ♡

I ♥Birthdays

Pop on over to iHeartFaces and check out the other entries
in this weeks challenge.

This week has been full of birthdays and parties and cupcakes so it is quite
apt that the challenge at I ♥ Faces this week is birthday orientated.
I'll pop another post in a little later tonight
catching you all up on this past week.

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