Sunday, June 28, 2009

A Triptych SOOC

Today a Triptych

Still working out of my comfort zone...
...I have mixed the settings up a bit.
 I've switched from 'AV' ~which I know as the F-Stop!~
How wide the lens opens!
AND where I feel most comfortable
Trying to master the 'TV'~I'm sure that's the Shutter speed ~:0)  
How long the lens stays open.

To add an extra challenge...natural light...blah  :0(...

So...this weeks it's a triptych on SOOC Sunday in TV mode.
A snippet of this years Rock Eisteddfod training! 

Slurping Life
POP on over and check out everyone elses shots

Our Rock Eisteddfod Team is busy rehearsing
their butts off at the moment.
They fly to Perth on Wednesday to defend 
their title as last year's 
Last year the He-Devil was part of the winning crew.
{{He is the centre dancer in the above shots}}
This year both the eldest He and She-Devils are both part of the 
team we are sending away!
We are all flying down to watch the production
before we head off to visit our family in Adelaide :0)
Counting days now Grandma and Gompsey xXxXx

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  1. lovely ,, these shots in action - hey and you are so pretty in your profile picture

  2. Great shots, you really captured the action!

  3. So much fun Jewelz!!! And I enjoyed your online coffee date with Lisa haha.