Thursday, June 25, 2009

Not My Type

Kal Barteski over at [i] LoveLife, in partnership with Elise Joy Blaha from enJOY it have come up with. An Artistic challenge...I'm sore because of this darn shoulder (CT scan next on the Doc's list of investigations! Sigh!!!)and a little behind BUT determined to keep up with this challenge.
I was just complaining about needing I have some, I can't bloody keep up...or awake ~wicked pain a$$ kicking drugs~!!!
So with out any adue I give you
My take on Tuesdays GOventure challenge 'Not My Type'

 probably viewed best in a larger format...just click on the image :0)

Acrylics, modge-podge and a stamp 'not my type BUT Heidi Grace's type' LOL :0) from a huge set of Heidi Grace stamps I bought on-line. ❤ these stamps...then I photographed it and added the type font in Photoshop :0)

Thanks for dropping by.


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  1. Oh Jewels, I really love this. I have wanted to play along but I just can't come up with any good ideas. I hope they keep doing the challenge, maybe weekly, so that I have more time to think.

    Hope you get better soon. Sounds awful. take care.