Saturday, June 6, 2009

Storytime Saturday SOOC

Helllllllloooo Saturday

Our morning started with Saturday morning storytime!
It gave me the opportunity to shoot this, my SOOC Shot for Saturday :0)
{{SOOC=Straight Out Of Camera}}
Bella is loving two books in particular at the moment.
She loves books in general BUT we have moments when
one or two are flogged to death.
Presently this beautiful new version of 
Eric Carle's The Very Hungry Caterpillar
is being enjoyed.
Eric Carl introduces the new Pop up version of his book
over at his blog.
We are embracing the cool to be
able to say oh Eric Carle read Bella The Very Hungry Caterpillar today
Belle chanted along with Michael Rosen today,
 as he recited his story We're Going On a Bear Hunt (that's our other favorite ATM!)
It's all out there. We read a book, we google it to see if the Author is on YouTube
 reading their story and we watch it snuggled up in bed
on the laptop WICKED!!!
It's one thing to read to your child but to further the reading
experience, it is important that children are exposed to many different readers!

Talking about's that time of the week again!
Pop on over to Melody's and see what others are sharing this fine Saturday!
Slurping Life
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  1. That would be fun to listen and watch the authors read their books. My kids loved Eric Carle's books when they were little. Great shots of your daughter with her books.

    (stopping by from SOOC)

  2. Very cool ! She is soooo beautiful - a real doll
    R loves Eric Carle's books too

  3. Adorable book, Adorable Bella.
    Cute photos Jewelz.

    I am so curious if you have finished reading your book yet? I am anxious to hear what you thought about it.


  4. Love the Eric Carle pop up. I haven't seen that before. Thanks for the link to the blog. Do you ever do Eric Carle style art lessons. I have done it at school, kids love it.

    have a great weekend.

  5. Do you mind...if I share your post on Facebook--
    I bet other mom's would love to listen and watch others read Eric Carle's books...?

    What a great way for technology and books to be intertwined...
    sorry about the bad speeling!

  6. She is adorable! I love that book too.

  7. Oh that first shot is a beauty! For moment I thought you had been super crafty mother there making butterflies but of course the familiar Eric Carle colours/patterns also jagged a memory cell! Nice to know that good books are still being enjoyed. I remember doing 'Going on a Bear Hunt' as a campfire song/story when I was a kid. It may not have been exactly the same but the gist of it was there....
    As for watching authors read books on the laptop? Hmmm. Something in my old Luddite heart hesitates at this idea.:-) Still, if it engenders a love of books, go for it! ;-D

  8. Fantasic Idea!!! The Hungry Caterpillar is one of our all time favs over here... I love your photos and post!

  9. Great shots - she looks like she's loving storytime!

  10. Very sweet shots, and what a perfect book to be made into a pop-up! Thanks for the tip :)

  11. She is gorgeous! Also, that is a great idea! I never thought I would surf YouTube with my kids but that's so cool I will definitely be trying it!

  12. love, Love, LOVE these images.

    When they were toddlers and preschoolers my sons adored "The Very Hungry Caterpillar" and all books by Eric Carle. Gosh, I miss reading those books.

  13. Adorable photo! I love the expression on her face. The idea about finding the authors who read online is a great one! I'm going to do that with my son.