Monday, May 21, 2012

The need for silence has passed

So...Here I am :)) Composing my thoughts. Reorganizing ideas. Embracing change. Accepting I am me, being happy in my own skin. Apreciate that there are probably many sides to every story and that sometimes what appears to be, is not always as it is, and finally, toughening the frek up :) (((looks around The Studio))) Time to blow the cobwebs away. xXxJ

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

. .......making a come-back..........

New Year, New Phone, New Apps
Having a little time out after some surgery.
I visited the chapel a few times. 
Quiet, peaceful place for contemplation. 

Love the old 6x6 format.
New iPhone...New Apps.
Nice :))

Time to catch up and get back into the Blogosphere.
Time to let a few people know that I have missed our interaction

Exciting news about a little owl who has a long way to fly.
and is on his way Down-under.
Kal......I thank you.

he's on his way (SO excited)

I am also Nurturing My Creativity with Kal

Trying to Nurture my Creativity
trying to nurture myself a little more!
Belle is off to Kindy tomorrow, I am going to Nurture my creativity with Kal.

What are you doing for YOU?

Thanks for dropping by


Monday, December 20, 2010


Has it really been THAT long?
apparently so!

I suppose that means I have a whole lot of catching up to do :)

I have photos

:) of course :)

...but where to start??? hmmm...

hows about we start with a coffee?

and perhaps one of these

yes.....from my kitchen :)
now, whilst I get my sh!t myself together

What the heck have you been up to?

...pass the cake, pahleeze :))

all the love in the universe
from me to Y♡U
Y♡U know who Y♡U are :)


Thursday, September 16, 2010

.......DEEP BREATH.......


crazy time

i'm on bootcamp with kal 

and very pumped

i'm in the middle of my work week

i woke up and forgot it was the 15th

my son walked out the front door with his baby sister in his arms

and a though that i seem to be having more and more lately

passed through my mind again

Lord he looks like his father!

our son was heading off to his second day of  'work'

he's got a job with his dad

what a lucky kid

a father AND a dad

i smiled :)

others should be so lucky

i couldn't find my car keys

i found my work keys

i was late for work

i caught sight of the date on the calendar

still couldn't find the car keys

i cried :(..

my precious friend & school registrar left work to collect me

bonus, there was a dance incursion, i was NOT late for my first official class of today

i smiled :)

my boss smiled and laughed when she heard i'd misplaced my keys again >.<

i smiled too :)

i smiled because her laugh was a laugh of someone who knows me well

i laughed too :)

because it's something i do

misplace my keys

ˑ all ˑ the ˑ time ˑ

my deputy laughed and asked if i'd checked the car door 

because that's where i'd found them the last time i'd misplaced them

i laughed :)

 and said no

 but thank you for remembering where i'd left them the last time i misplaced them :)

i smiled :)

i wrote the date on the board, like i always do

i swallowed a lump in my throat

and looked to a photo of our kids

one of many photos i keep in my classroom

and i wished they could wrap their arms around you

 i wished they could wish you a happy birthday today!

no more birthday hugs :(

s'ok i gave each one of them a hug and a kisses today

and gave thanks that i get to see you everyday 

in them

i smiled :)

then i realized i too have a bullet proof positive attitude

i just need to stop sometimes

and take a big breath




i have what i need

in any situation


and then i found my keys

wrapped up

in a little girls dress

with a $1.30 in change

and a little gingerbread man 

on the same little girls bedroom floor


and it dawned on me

it's not always me that misplaces the keys

sometimes someone else has them

or knows exactly where they are



my life became an analogy


and things quietened down
and i had time to post just the right picture for my bootcamp homework o_O

now my card reader won't read

go figure

so instead I'll post this

last time i posted i was getting back into the swing of creating just for me

inspiration led to many people are full of joy

and arms and legs at the moment

 :) it's a joke..get it ((>.<)) ok so it was a bad joke

at least i was trying :)

back to my story

which led to family and friends sharing a special night for me

my piece

in a gallery

after being chosen to be a part of the HARTZ awards

and it was sold before the welcome speeches 

and I have orders for two more

i'm doing a series of them

yeah, you couldn't wipe the smile off my dial for days :))

want one too?

let me know


but be quick

i'm only doing 26

i have the first in the series

the second sold on the awards opening night


sometimes it's the little things

that mean



and sometimes it's so much more


this is Ninji 

isn't she beautiful?

i look into these eyes everyday i go to work

and they inspire me

they make me want to get creative

and so does kal

"creativity is the passion that drives me

and the ideas that inspire me"



whoot whoot whoot

triple arm pump

systems are 


Monday, August 9, 2010

•* ♥¸¸.•*¨*•♪inspiration has found me ♫•*¨*•.¸¸♥

Getting back into the groove of things •* ♥¸¸.•*¨*•♪

•* ♥¸¸.•*¨*•♪playing with oil pastels

Having 'me' time to simply sit, guilt free, and just create is rare.
I took advantage of a little quiet time today to try to
blow away the cobwebs that have settled in the artistic corners of my mind,

 ♡ I likey ♡
 It's nice reconnecting with you my Pastels.
Oh sweet Pastels I have missed your soft, blendable, messy,  tricky sticks of colour.
♡☆♡I enjoyed getting reacquainted today♡☆♡
Let's keep it up...whoot whoot...{double arm pump}

It feels SO good to be creating.

Are You working on anything currently?
Let me know.

Thanks for dropping by

SOOC ❤ With A Difference ❤

 I truly understand where Melody is coming from this week.
Melody said
Words tease, elude and mesmerize all in the same moment.
I haven't felt the gift of words for some time. I've felt tormented and blessed all in the same instant,
but words have been running from me. My heart feels, but my mouth is mute; my fingers still.
So communication with photographs has been the obvious choice...
Melody has been so busy 'living life' that there were no photos she could find that she felt the need to share.
Melody...I also have had bloggers block.
I have also put down the 'Almighty Canon Rebel'...
...however, I picked my more portable,
and uber cool, point and shoot.
Canon (surprise surprise) IXUS 130
It's a sweet little bundle of artistic inspiration packed into a tiny black box :0)
Melody has given us free reign this week to post
she has asked us to 
Share anything from your heart...words, photographs...either or...maybe both...
...because life is short and precious and...
a gift.
Firstly, if you don't mind check out this post quickly, 
it's what makes this video
cool to watch.
Bella has been learning to 'read' from day dot, using a variety of media.
This little video....almost Straight Out Of Belle's 'reading a book that many people have had read to them, 
it's been just over 40 years since Eric Carle first wrote and illustrated

No Picture, no words can do this cuteness justice...I may however, be slightly prejudiced ♡♡♡ So I recorded it for you on my nifty ♡ Canon Ixus ♡

☆ What do you think? ☆

Slurping Life

and check out the memories others are sharing this weekend.

Thanks for dropping by
...and why don't more of you start leaving a little bloggy ❤love❤?
I know you're lurking ;0)
Be brave
Leave a comment.

It may just be the comment that makes my day :0)


Friday, August 6, 2010

Dear Thursday.... YOU HAVE MAIL ✉ ✉ ✉

Dear Thursday,

I think you misheard me.

I said :

'Helllllo Thursday ♥ ♥ ♥ let positive energy surround us today PLEASE!
Keep that negative cr@p to yourself 


:0) Jewelz'

.....I did not say pop a suppository up my 'mental' a$$ because I'm emotionally bound up today, PLEASE!!!....I did NOT appreciate the screwed up energy you surrounded me with today, it ended up giving me the absolute mental SHITS ((>.<))
Could you go a little easier on me tomorrow please, seeing how it will be FRIDAY, the first day of my extra looong weekend. 
I understand that you are creating new exciting opportunities...but can you just go a little gentler on me next time....ease back on the throttle a little will you PAHLEEEEZE!

I've done a few extra little deeds of kindness lately, in recognition of the extra effort I have made, i.e I made some KILLER Rasberry Swirl Cup cakes filled with a raspberry cream, new creation, and they were DELISHISHTRAIGHTTOYOURASSISIOUS. I took them off to work and shared them around ♡♡♡ so could you please cut me a little f@rkin slack this weekend! I'd really appreciate it.


Saturday, July 24, 2010

......Just One of the reasons I've been M.I.A.........

The Eldest He-Devil has been to the Big City :0)

to compete in Dance for Country Week with his dance crew from School
(0: They R☆CKED the house :0)


☆☆☆LOVE IT☆☆☆
Our little Stars Josh
, Holly & Jacinta were helped along the road to ST☆RDOM by the AWESOME independent Australian dance artist Josh Mu {{shouts out to Josh}} and led by STEPS' Artistic Director Alice Lee Holland {{Go Alice}}.

This is the STEP's Workshop that Josh won a bursary for :0)

roud Mumma ♥ ♥ ♥ Can you spot our babies in the video?

The above link should take you to the Video put together
by the STEP's Team :0)

ok...just pointing out our stars☆☆☆ because I can:0) Josh cartwheels through the near group at the 57 sec count then lifts Sam up and through the group. Josh has the blonde flash in his fringe...our Miss Holly follows straight on @ the 1.09 sec mark. Holly is the last dancer in the wave, left side of screen that powers the move back down the line and our dear Jarr (aka Jacinta) is the blonde in the back row {whipping up some awesome floorwork Miss Jarr} @ the 1.22 mark :0) ☆☆☆
are we proud...DAYMN RIGHT WE ARE :0)

I can't believe they've been kickin' it since they were FOUR!!!
♥♥♥ Yes FOUR ♥♥♥

♥♥♥♥♥or that 12 years after first meeting♥♥♥♥♥
♡♡♡these two are a couple♡♡♡
Very Cute

I was reminded of a couple of quotes over the space of the fortnight Josh and I spent away

I have sometimes been wildly, despairingly, acutely miserable, but through it all I still know quite certainly that just to be alive is a grand thing.
-- Agatha Christie


Every defeat, every heartbreak, every loss, contains its own seed, its own lesson on how to improve your performance the next time.
-- Og Mandino

The first day of Country Week was the third anniversary of Josh's father's death.
Our boy shone brightly and owned his place in space.

He, along with his sisters, have shone in the face of adversity and I am very VERY proud of each of them.

in the face of adversity
that you too can shine
☆☆☆I DO☆☆☆


Sunday, July 18, 2010

❤Sharing the Love❤

In a pinch
iPhones R☆CK
capture the love
share the love
I'll be back with a swag of SOOC shots.
You know the old adage,
A picture is worth a thousand words :0)
Less words
Less editing
Less stress
I'll flash you a little peek into the exciting things
that have been happening in our little household
Chat to you soon