Wednesday, March 9, 2011

. .......making a come-back..........

New Year, New Phone, New Apps
Having a little time out after some surgery.
I visited the chapel a few times. 
Quiet, peaceful place for contemplation. 

Love the old 6x6 format.
New iPhone...New Apps.
Nice :))

Time to catch up and get back into the Blogosphere.
Time to let a few people know that I have missed our interaction

Exciting news about a little owl who has a long way to fly.
and is on his way Down-under.
Kal......I thank you.

he's on his way (SO excited)

I am also Nurturing My Creativity with Kal

Trying to Nurture my Creativity
trying to nurture myself a little more!
Belle is off to Kindy tomorrow, I am going to Nurture my creativity with Kal.

What are you doing for YOU?

Thanks for dropping by



  1. welcome back, Jewelz! Love the new look of your blog. Look forward to hearing what you've been up to.

    take care.

  2. Welcome back :o)

    I think there has been an all out onslaught against creativity.....

    not that I'm that creative....LOL

    but it has been a bit of a struggle lately...

    just saying....:o)

  3. I used to like reading this.

  4. Anyone know where Jewelz is I used to like reading this