Monday, March 29, 2010

❤Hedland Senior High School Masquerade Ball 2010 SOOC❤


the year 11 & 12 ball

a masquerade ball~diamonds are forever~
coincidentally the 'He-Devil's' birth stone is a diamond!

the 'He-Devil' AKA Josh and his ♡date♡ Miss K.

{don't tell anyone but the older he gets the more Josh reminds me of his late father and it's candid moments like this that bite at my heart a little because I see his father looking back at me and wish he was here to watch his son grow into such a fine young man}

for the best part of three and a half years they have had eyes for each other
and others have witnessed this little 'dance' between the two of them

it's cute to watch them muck around together

she moved to town a little over three and a half years ago
{{it wasn't long before he whispered to her
that he thought he might just have a little crush on her}}}
they had moved thousands of km's,
from the same city in fact that we hail from,
but it wasn't the only thing they had in common

...another coincident, one that 'weirded' them out for sometime...
was the fact that almost thirty years ago her aunty was my good friend at high school,
and I had a crush on her aunty's brother((we actually snogged, once!))...Miss K's FATHER!!!

'my mum kissed your dad, my mum kissed your dad'...... eeewwwwww!!!

'tee-hee''s still SO weird!'

but try as they might to deny it sometimes

each clearly has a soft spot for the other

i was glad they let me tag along for a little while

glad we got to grab a few shots lit by the gorgeous Pilbara sunset

glad to see my boy growing into such a fine young man
with a gentle romantic heart, that he desperately tries to hide,
but fails miserably with that attempt at concealment sometimes {{{mother smiles widely}}}

♡♡don't this just melt your heart♡♡

and to top off the start to the evening
friends turned up in their 'Hummer'
to deliver my baby boy and his girl to the ball
wanna know what he's singing to her ???

quiet apt really...oh if you only knew how much this boy L♡VES to sing

...we do things in grand style here in the Pilbara...
Oh Yeeeeah Bayyybeeee

This has been my weekend's highlight in SOOC
~ Straight Out Of Camera~
no editing

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OH...I have a big P.S

What other award could be more apt for one of MY children?...wall flowers they are!!!
'Mr Paparazzi'...for appearing in the MOST photos taken at the ball!!!
Go figure my son getting his photo taken!

(0: TRUE STORY :0)
Go visit my friend Rach, meet her Hubby, Mr Daddy
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This week Rach puts me, somewhat awkwardly, in the spotlight
Like pistachio nuts. Pistachio nuts! Addictive?
If you don't like pistachio's you will not get this...
Have you EVER been able to have just ONE pistachio?
...plink! Ahhh, now you get it?
Addictive...Volcyum IS my addiction.

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Saturday, March 13, 2010

♥♥♥SOOC Saturday~Mother's Bragging Rights♥♥♥

♥♥♥Strive To Be All You Can My L♡VES♥♥♥

My eldest three
Tess, Josh, Jordy
Centre Stage In My Heart

Josh flying high

Adapted move for a busted hand

Reach for the ✩✫✩stars✩✫✩ Miss Jordy!

Stage Photography is a little tricky.
I am lucky enough to have three children who are drawn to the spotlight.
We are doubly lucky that their high school has been acknowledged as a
Specialist School of the Arts...I don't think another country school has been awarded this Title.
We are blessed to have some awesome Specialist Arts teachers.
My kids aren't shy to get up there and give it a go.
The He-Devil AKA Josh is an all rounder, he dances, sings, plays musical instruments and enjoys acting ...but not as much as the singing and dancing!
The Senior She-Devil AKA Jordy has discovered a love of dance, her brother's inclusion in the winning 2008 Rock Eisteddfod crew, encouraged Jordy to get involved in 2009. She loved it!
This Year the Youngest She-Devil AKA Tess was accepted into the newly introduced Specialist Art Program at Hedland Senior High.
Tess loves singing and is now developing a love of dance.
Thursday was the first Arts Showcase for 2010.
The school puts on a show, and invites the parent/family/caregivers and community members, to let us see first hand what our kids have been working on in the first five weeks of the school year.
I am lucky that I am a parent AND a teacher it gives me connections that allow me to play with my camera, trying to come to terms with shooting stage shots MINUS flash, so you do not distract the performers!
Yes you have to pump up your sometimes the shots have a lot of 'noise' visible BUT I love that I get to come in during dress rehearsals to click a way. I love that I get to see how my brood is progressing.
I am so very proud of each of them.
This week past I was particularly proud of the He-Devil.
He had an accident Saturday just gone and has broken some bones in his hand.
No cast, because they are chipped bones in his carples, but some pretty serious strapping.
He ditched the strapping, adapted his moves so he did not have to use his right hand very much for his performances and the 'show did go on' :0)

So today on SOOC Saturday I am sharing a few pics from the Showcase.
Yes Yes Yes, I am a proud Mamma :0)

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SOOC Saturday♡♡♡Love♡♡♡

Love LOVE Love LOVE Love
Feeling The L♡VE
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over the SOOC Weekend
Drop by and be inspired on so many levels.
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