Saturday, March 13, 2010

♥♥♥SOOC Saturday~Mother's Bragging Rights♥♥♥

♥♥♥Strive To Be All You Can My L♡VES♥♥♥

My eldest three
Tess, Josh, Jordy
Centre Stage In My Heart

Josh flying high

Adapted move for a busted hand

Reach for the ✩✫✩stars✩✫✩ Miss Jordy!

Stage Photography is a little tricky.
I am lucky enough to have three children who are drawn to the spotlight.
We are doubly lucky that their high school has been acknowledged as a
Specialist School of the Arts...I don't think another country school has been awarded this Title.
We are blessed to have some awesome Specialist Arts teachers.
My kids aren't shy to get up there and give it a go.
The He-Devil AKA Josh is an all rounder, he dances, sings, plays musical instruments and enjoys acting ...but not as much as the singing and dancing!
The Senior She-Devil AKA Jordy has discovered a love of dance, her brother's inclusion in the winning 2008 Rock Eisteddfod crew, encouraged Jordy to get involved in 2009. She loved it!
This Year the Youngest She-Devil AKA Tess was accepted into the newly introduced Specialist Art Program at Hedland Senior High.
Tess loves singing and is now developing a love of dance.
Thursday was the first Arts Showcase for 2010.
The school puts on a show, and invites the parent/family/caregivers and community members, to let us see first hand what our kids have been working on in the first five weeks of the school year.
I am lucky that I am a parent AND a teacher it gives me connections that allow me to play with my camera, trying to come to terms with shooting stage shots MINUS flash, so you do not distract the performers!
Yes you have to pump up your sometimes the shots have a lot of 'noise' visible BUT I love that I get to come in during dress rehearsals to click a way. I love that I get to see how my brood is progressing.
I am so very proud of each of them.
This week past I was particularly proud of the He-Devil.
He had an accident Saturday just gone and has broken some bones in his hand.
No cast, because they are chipped bones in his carples, but some pretty serious strapping.
He ditched the strapping, adapted his moves so he did not have to use his right hand very much for his performances and the 'show did go on' :0)

So today on SOOC Saturday I am sharing a few pics from the Showcase.
Yes Yes Yes, I am a proud Mamma :0)

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  1. These are great! Stage shots are crazy difficult, you did a great job! Looks like the kiddos did a great job too!

    Happy SOOC Saturday.

  2. what beautiful kids !! and how artistic they are

  3. Great shots! You have some talented kids there!

  4. Awesome ~ great photography and what amazing kids :D I would be so proud if I were you too :D!!

  5. What awesome pictures! That's hard to do (as it's always dark and kiddos move fast!) I spent years taking pics of my daughters onstage during their dancing was a learning process, lol!

  6. what amazing artists and athletes your children must be! How great is that to being attending a school with such specialists teaching your own children. Love this post and pics! Have a great Saturday!

  7. WoW Your kids are so talented! What a blessing that they have such a wonderful opportunity. Of course it didn't pass me by that they must have got there creative talent from their momma...Great Captures!

  8. Thanks for the compliments everyone. The nice thing is that I am the Visual Arts Specialist at one of our towns Primary School and I have taught many of the kids that are at the High School (we only have one High School) Now that all of our older kids are at High School, the same school, I get to watch many of my past student bloom and grow under the guidance of the Specialists at the High School. I am like a proud mother hen watching them strut their stuff, exploring new frontiers and trying different things....the pride they exude at their successes empowers me! I celebrate their successes and applaud the fact that they are putting themselves out there. I am rewarded every time one of them beams brightly and proudly takes their bow in front of their audience♡♡♡.

  9. Beautiful, creative children just like their Mama.
    Can you see it?! My chest is puffing in and out from being so proud.

    I love you.

    All the love in the universe from me to you.

  10. Great shots and how lucky that you get to practice while they practice!!! =)

  11. WoW! Impressive shots...they all appear to be very photogenic.

  12. BeeeyoutiFULL! Those are awesome captures, Jewelz... it is SO hard to get any kind of action shot without a flash. Well done! And I am very impressed by the "can do" spirit of your boy... the show WILL go on, broken hand and all. THAT is the definition of a true trooper!

  13. Proud mama you should be for their performances, those of the kids you taught past and your stage photography. Well shot.

  14. love love love those!!!

    (and if i could figure out how to type those hearts like you do, this comment would be full of them!)

    beautiful chilren - it is such a joy to see a passion for performing!

    (former ballet dancer here - I can appreciate those moves!)

  15. It certainly looks as though you have that right...*grin* and a fine looking crew they are.