Monday, March 29, 2010

❤Hedland Senior High School Masquerade Ball 2010 SOOC❤


the year 11 & 12 ball

a masquerade ball~diamonds are forever~
coincidentally the 'He-Devil's' birth stone is a diamond!

the 'He-Devil' AKA Josh and his ♡date♡ Miss K.

{don't tell anyone but the older he gets the more Josh reminds me of his late father and it's candid moments like this that bite at my heart a little because I see his father looking back at me and wish he was here to watch his son grow into such a fine young man}

for the best part of three and a half years they have had eyes for each other
and others have witnessed this little 'dance' between the two of them

it's cute to watch them muck around together

she moved to town a little over three and a half years ago
{{it wasn't long before he whispered to her
that he thought he might just have a little crush on her}}}
they had moved thousands of km's,
from the same city in fact that we hail from,
but it wasn't the only thing they had in common

...another coincident, one that 'weirded' them out for sometime...
was the fact that almost thirty years ago her aunty was my good friend at high school,
and I had a crush on her aunty's brother((we actually snogged, once!))...Miss K's FATHER!!!

'my mum kissed your dad, my mum kissed your dad'...... eeewwwwww!!!

'tee-hee''s still SO weird!'

but try as they might to deny it sometimes

each clearly has a soft spot for the other

i was glad they let me tag along for a little while

glad we got to grab a few shots lit by the gorgeous Pilbara sunset

glad to see my boy growing into such a fine young man
with a gentle romantic heart, that he desperately tries to hide,
but fails miserably with that attempt at concealment sometimes {{{mother smiles widely}}}

♡♡don't this just melt your heart♡♡

and to top off the start to the evening
friends turned up in their 'Hummer'
to deliver my baby boy and his girl to the ball
wanna know what he's singing to her ???

quiet apt really...oh if you only knew how much this boy L♡VES to sing

...we do things in grand style here in the Pilbara...
Oh Yeeeeah Bayyybeeee

This has been my weekend's highlight in SOOC
~ Straight Out Of Camera~
no editing

Slurping Life

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OH...I have a big P.S

What other award could be more apt for one of MY children?...wall flowers they are!!!
'Mr Paparazzi'...for appearing in the MOST photos taken at the ball!!!
Go figure my son getting his photo taken!

(0: TRUE STORY :0)
Go visit my friend Rach, meet her Hubby, Mr Daddy
and listen to a whole heap of other TRUE {mostly} STORIES

This week Rach puts me, somewhat awkwardly, in the spotlight
Like pistachio nuts. Pistachio nuts! Addictive?
If you don't like pistachio's you will not get this...
Have you EVER been able to have just ONE pistachio?
...plink! Ahhh, now you get it?
Addictive...Volcyum IS my addiction.

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  1. Jewelz! He is absolutely gorgeous [handsome did not sound intense enough]. She is breathtaking.

    What a sweet fabulous fun heart-hugging story. Do you think they'll stay together, as in marriage?

    You did a perfect job of capturing and journaling these moments.

  2. WOW Jewelz!!!! been wondering where you been hiding....LOL

    Then you come back with a Post like this....

    Just Fabulous, Way to rock the bloggy world girl. !!!!

    Been missing your posts and comments.

    Rach and I both have missed you. Hope you don't mind we talk about you and say a prayer for you occasionally....:o)

  3. I love masquerades and the wearing of that mysterious mask. So fun...great story about your son and his dad..loved it!

  4. Girlie, those are AMAZING pictures!

    And totally heartmeltingly sweet!

    I love it love it love it.

    And I left you a little gift at the very end of this post... Lisa and I hoped you would not miss it :)

  5. Jewelz what a proud, heartwarming day indeed!
    Your son is bee-you-tee-full! I am sure the ladies are swooning around him...his girlfriend is gorgeous. Very funny about you liking her father back in the day! Which does conclude that it truly is a small world with which we live in.

    The hummer looks like ours except ours is fusion orange. I don't drive it as I am a horrible driver and I have poor judgement of depth perception. Yep I am even clutzy at driving.

    The image of them dancing to the radio is so sweet and romantic...

    I have missed you and I hope you are well.

    Love the pix and love the sentiments you expressed

  7. Omigosh so sweet! Thanks for letting us tag along too! ;-)

  8. You are the star of the show over at our place today! :) Would love if you stopped by and kept the comments section lively as you always do, hee hee!

    Thanks again - check it out!

  9. OK, I am offically jealous of your commenting skillz. I mean seriously, that was genius over there at Rachel's.

    And that boy of yours- good job Mom. He is a son every mom could be proud of.

  10. Whoo-hoo! I know somebody famous!

    And I suck at comments and you've given me major performance anxiety...

    I am totally cracking up over the fact that you now have a tag called, "Mr. Volcyum"... because I'm rather confident you never imagined THAT when you started your blog! :)

    Thanks again for being such a good sport - we aren't done laughing at your comments!

  11. I love the pictures, and that's such a sweet story! I'm hoping that they stay seems like they have something special!

  12. I had to stop by and check out your blog. Your Mr. Volcyum comments have been cracking me up.

    Awww, great pics of your son and his girl. What a gorgeous couple they are!

  13. For someone just starting with the blogging you are doing great. Nice pics also. To cute. Thanks for stopping by my blog today. COme back anytime.

  14. Fun pictures and story! ;) I really liked picture #3

  15. They're not dating?