Wednesday, March 9, 2011

. .......making a come-back..........

New Year, New Phone, New Apps
Having a little time out after some surgery.
I visited the chapel a few times. 
Quiet, peaceful place for contemplation. 

Love the old 6x6 format.
New iPhone...New Apps.
Nice :))

Time to catch up and get back into the Blogosphere.
Time to let a few people know that I have missed our interaction

Exciting news about a little owl who has a long way to fly.
and is on his way Down-under.
Kal......I thank you.

he's on his way (SO excited)

I am also Nurturing My Creativity with Kal

Trying to Nurture my Creativity
trying to nurture myself a little more!
Belle is off to Kindy tomorrow, I am going to Nurture my creativity with Kal.

What are you doing for YOU?

Thanks for dropping by