Monday, August 9, 2010

SOOC ❤ With A Difference ❤

 I truly understand where Melody is coming from this week.
Melody said
Words tease, elude and mesmerize all in the same moment.
I haven't felt the gift of words for some time. I've felt tormented and blessed all in the same instant,
but words have been running from me. My heart feels, but my mouth is mute; my fingers still.
So communication with photographs has been the obvious choice...
Melody has been so busy 'living life' that there were no photos she could find that she felt the need to share.
Melody...I also have had bloggers block.
I have also put down the 'Almighty Canon Rebel'...
...however, I picked my more portable,
and uber cool, point and shoot.
Canon (surprise surprise) IXUS 130
It's a sweet little bundle of artistic inspiration packed into a tiny black box :0)
Melody has given us free reign this week to post
she has asked us to 
Share anything from your heart...words, photographs...either or...maybe both...
...because life is short and precious and...
a gift.
Firstly, if you don't mind check out this post quickly, 
it's what makes this video
cool to watch.
Bella has been learning to 'read' from day dot, using a variety of media.
This little video....almost Straight Out Of Belle's 'reading a book that many people have had read to them, 
it's been just over 40 years since Eric Carle first wrote and illustrated

No Picture, no words can do this cuteness justice...I may however, be slightly prejudiced ♡♡♡ So I recorded it for you on my nifty ♡ Canon Ixus ♡

☆ What do you think? ☆

Slurping Life

and check out the memories others are sharing this weekend.

Thanks for dropping by
...and why don't more of you start leaving a little bloggy ❤love❤?
I know you're lurking ;0)
Be brave
Leave a comment.

It may just be the comment that makes my day :0)



  1. Magnificent reading Bella and you know it wouldn't matter to me what you were doing because you are so freaking adorable!!
    You and Taiga would get along like peas and carrots (I said that in my best Forrest Gump voice.) It is such a shame we live so far away.

    Jewelz swooning over the accent...dang I LOVE it!! The only problem is whilst sipping our wine I would make you yap and yap and yap because I wouldn't be able to get enough of the accent. Man I love it!!!!!

    Still waiting on my email, the news about everything, ( I'm tapping my foot with impatient uncertainty) What is up?!

    Love you I say in my best Aussie accent which without a doubt sounds english mixed with a twangy yodel. Just can't mimic it!! I wish I could.

  2. ♡♡♡ Hello my dear I I indulged the creative side of myself, I brought out some art supplies and played around with them...and then I stepped out and went for a sunset walk along the Foreshore of the Ocean. There will be just Belle and I tomorrow and I shall write a looooong email ♡♡♡ tomorrow. Pinky Promise.
    {{{chuckles}}}} I LOVE your Aussie Accent {{{snorts with laughter, after trying to hold it in the giggle}}}
    We'll get you there yet Lisa {{HUGS}}
    Chat to you tomorrow...I have a NEW UBER AWESOME COFFEE MACHINE ((>.<)) Coffee @ my place tomorrow

  3. That is one little cutie there. Does this mean that you are going to be blogging a little more regular??????? LOL