Thursday, September 16, 2010

.......DEEP BREATH.......


crazy time

i'm on bootcamp with kal 

and very pumped

i'm in the middle of my work week

i woke up and forgot it was the 15th

my son walked out the front door with his baby sister in his arms

and a though that i seem to be having more and more lately

passed through my mind again

Lord he looks like his father!

our son was heading off to his second day of  'work'

he's got a job with his dad

what a lucky kid

a father AND a dad

i smiled :)

others should be so lucky

i couldn't find my car keys

i found my work keys

i was late for work

i caught sight of the date on the calendar

still couldn't find the car keys

i cried :(..

my precious friend & school registrar left work to collect me

bonus, there was a dance incursion, i was NOT late for my first official class of today

i smiled :)

my boss smiled and laughed when she heard i'd misplaced my keys again >.<

i smiled too :)

i smiled because her laugh was a laugh of someone who knows me well

i laughed too :)

because it's something i do

misplace my keys

ˑ all ˑ the ˑ time ˑ

my deputy laughed and asked if i'd checked the car door 

because that's where i'd found them the last time i'd misplaced them

i laughed :)

 and said no

 but thank you for remembering where i'd left them the last time i misplaced them :)

i smiled :)

i wrote the date on the board, like i always do

i swallowed a lump in my throat

and looked to a photo of our kids

one of many photos i keep in my classroom

and i wished they could wrap their arms around you

 i wished they could wish you a happy birthday today!

no more birthday hugs :(

s'ok i gave each one of them a hug and a kisses today

and gave thanks that i get to see you everyday 

in them

i smiled :)

then i realized i too have a bullet proof positive attitude

i just need to stop sometimes

and take a big breath




i have what i need

in any situation


and then i found my keys

wrapped up

in a little girls dress

with a $1.30 in change

and a little gingerbread man 

on the same little girls bedroom floor


and it dawned on me

it's not always me that misplaces the keys

sometimes someone else has them

or knows exactly where they are



my life became an analogy


and things quietened down
and i had time to post just the right picture for my bootcamp homework o_O

now my card reader won't read

go figure

so instead I'll post this

last time i posted i was getting back into the swing of creating just for me

inspiration led to many people are full of joy

and arms and legs at the moment

 :) it's a joke..get it ((>.<)) ok so it was a bad joke

at least i was trying :)

back to my story

which led to family and friends sharing a special night for me

my piece

in a gallery

after being chosen to be a part of the HARTZ awards

and it was sold before the welcome speeches 

and I have orders for two more

i'm doing a series of them

yeah, you couldn't wipe the smile off my dial for days :))

want one too?

let me know


but be quick

i'm only doing 26

i have the first in the series

the second sold on the awards opening night


sometimes it's the little things

that mean



and sometimes it's so much more


this is Ninji 

isn't she beautiful?

i look into these eyes everyday i go to work

and they inspire me

they make me want to get creative

and so does kal

"creativity is the passion that drives me

and the ideas that inspire me"



whoot whoot whoot

triple arm pump

systems are