Monday, March 2, 2009

A Little Art....And Its Inspiration

 A little extra post for the evening.
Dee wanted a few more photos of the family.
Soooo tonight I will post a couple of photos of a few family members
In the pool at the Frangapani in Broome over the Christmas break.

These pieces of art are a little something I thought I would share also,
considering it was two of our little angels that were the inspiration.
I have just had the above one framed.
Thanks to Peter at 'Pilbara Photographics' for the great service.
The above Picture was done when I was pregnant with Bella.
Actually it was started when our little 'Earth Angel' Bella was still 
tucked up warm in my tummy.
It was not in me to finish it whilst I was pregnant with her. 
It was started as a second attempt. I couldn't finish it,
not until after Bella was born.
It is oil pastels surrounded by an edicol dye wash, sprinkled with sea salt. 
The sea salt absorbs the dye that is around it and creates an interesting texture.
The text around it reads...
From little things big things grow....Bella...Waiting on Bella.
It comes from a song by Paul Kelly.
I was pregnant with the baby that we first lost, when I met Paul Kelly.
 Whilst the song is not about a baby growing in a mothers womb, it is about succeeding in the face of adversity.
I also signed Jules signature has changed a little.
Now I sign my work... Jewelz, because that is how I am known
and that is how most anyone who knows me spells my name.
Why...because that is how I always spell Jewelz.
So why sign my art using 'the spelling everyone else expects'.
It's not me. I am Jewelz. I may have been born Julie but that is not what I am called.
Unless I'm in trouble with my mother {{{rolls eyes}}}!!!
The piece below was the inspiration and the original piece.
Only this one was started when I fell pregnant with our first baby, the first of our 'Heavenly Angels'.
I just couldn't finish it after I lost the baby.
It sat in my studio, almost taunting me, for such a long time.
I actually found it very very hard to get back to my art in any form,
apart from the art that I involved myself in as a school teacher.
A good friend of our said to me to sit back and not stress.
That when the inspiration struck, and when I was ready,
 I would get back into it...and I did. 
I even decided to finish the original piece. 
Thank you Andy for you words of wisdom.

However, it was a little damaged when I decided to finish it off.
I have tried to fix it up. I cut it out, I put it on a canvas. 
I Modge Podged around it...but that is as far as I've gotten.
It had a small tear in it, if you look closely at the light pick and light blue
of the breast you can see it and I'm not sure where to take it now.
I don't have the heart to discard it. 
So, I will put it back in my studio and wait for more inspiration.
If anyone has any ideas I'd welcome the imput. 

Juzz, Bella and I at the Bali Hai Resort in Broome, in November, for my birthday.
Thank you to Kate for watching the big kids
 so Juzz and I could have a some much needed R&R
(even if it was only a couple of days)
It was Magical.
I'd been a little sick, which involved a visit to hospital.
This little break was just what the Doctor ordered. 

Night all
Sleep with Angels

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