Saturday, March 28, 2009


This week turned the tables on last week! My aches and pains have subsided. I have a cough that is shaking cobwebs loose though. Juzz is suffering as well. Hack hack hack is all I'm hearing ACK I'm over it! Hurry back good health, you are missed. 

Going with the flow this week opened up some cool moments. I enjoy the fact that my passion for photography is being recognized. I'm pleased to be asked to record events that happen around school. I headed off to the Magic Incursion at school this week, camera in hand. My specific role at the swimming carnival was as event photographer. I had pictures printed and laminated and on display in the office by the time I left work on Thursday afternoon. It was nice to receive a text message from Amanda complimenting me on the photos Friday morning. It is a pleasant boost to have your colleagues sending you kudos. 

This 'chocolate infused coffee love' is a gift I received from Amanda on Thursday morning. When I arrived in the undercover area to take her class for DOTT, she was standing there with this 'little bit of love' for me. YOU ROCK AMANDA. I clicked away at smiling faces, held my sides from laughing so hard, sipped my mocha latte and was grateful that I have such an awesome job. Perhaps I am more grateful that I love my job so much that I rarely feel like I 'go to work'! 

I am also pleased to be sharing a little story from our week. I was all set to share the 'bad news' the other day...but didn't feel up to it. In the mean time bad news turned to good news. 
Belle had apparently 'released' our family's pet rat 'Rodney' . I came into the family room after a visit to the toilet. Rodneys cage was open and Rodney was missing. Belle looked at me forlornly and informed me  that Rodney was gone. After further enquiry I was told she had 'put him on the road and a car had come and he had got eerk squished dead!'(lots of hand gesturing and grim facial expressions accompanied this explanation of Rodney's disappearance.) Everyone in the family interrogated Bella, everyone came to the same conclusion...Rodney had been released. He was no where to be found. I spent days battling with the thought of his possible untimely demise. Night time found my ears straining to listen for any noise that might indicate his location...alas nothing! By Friday I had accepted Rodney's disappearance. Then in the evening I hear squeals of joy. Tess had bent down to investigate a headband that was moving and it turned out to be Rodney! Yay Rodney returns. No Bad News today!!!!.... and all this emotional rollercoaster riding was over a rat! A blooming Rat! Well, when you're loved you're loved in this household!

Thursday saw another visit to the yacht club, this time we were catching up with Tim, Justin's boss. He was up from Perth to see how the North West Operations are progressing. It was nice to have diner at the Yacht Club to chat with Tim. 

Friday evening was spent supervising Josh and his Mates. He is 15 next weekend. He chose to have a sleep over this weekend. Loud music, food and drink. Bouncing, more bouncing...more music, more bouncing. Snoozing under the stars. Camping out with the boys. We have a HUGE new trampoline and they took their bedding out onto the trampoline to sleep. They all headed off this morning to start their day with a fine breakfast from Maccas, then to spend a bit of time practicing for a skate competition that was being held early this evening at the local skate-park. There's that independence thing again! Josh returned rather cranky his plans for another sleep over or sleep out at someone else's house this evening were quashed, because of Rock Eisteddfod training tomorrow. No sleep overs on the nights before training! Apparently now I am a sucky mother AND he's not doing Rock Eisteddfod ANYMORE. He was so cranky he wouldn't share with me his win at the skatepark. He came in with a bag of goodies after coming third in the competition. Not too bad if you consider how big a night they all had last night! I shall have to sneak a peak in the bag a little later. I'm thinking a t-shirt, a cap, a heap of stickers and product information. Wicked that he has a win every now and then. Go Josh

Hope Everyone has a great weekend.

Cheers All

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