Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Well Hello Wednesday

Happy Hump Day

(taken using Photobooth on my iNotebook)

"Hello...Grandma Frogggy? You my parent! Where Gompsey?What doin?"

What she meant was

"Hello Grandma Froggy. You're my grandparent. Where is Gompsey? What are you doing at the moment?" 
(Gompsey=Byrne speak for Grandad)

Thought I'd post a little pic, captured the other evening.
♥Oh she just makes my heart smile♥
psssst.....not long Linnee :0)

No one else seems to be smiling very much around here at the moment. 
It would appear a nasty little Gastro bug caught a lift into our house.

Busy couple of weeks coming up. 
Reports happening.
Fete at school coming together.
P.H otography workshop starts next weekend ~ VERY pumped about this!
Rock Eisteddfod is almost here ~ super proud& super excited for the He and She-Devils!
AND...a family holiday soon soon soon... whoot whoot (double arm pump)!
Go Go Go

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  1. Yep, she's gorgeous. Not long now Jewelz. And I've arranged your appointments hehehe & I'll be nursing hehehe (rolling around on the floor in hysterics) luvya heaps ox