Monday, June 1, 2009

♥♥♥ Creating Cupcakes ♥♥♥

It has been a week of cupcakes and celebrations!

The second eldest She-Devil had her party/sleepover this weekend.
Wall to wall tweenies. Oh My Goodness!!!! It was painful watching the dynamics.
Girls teetering on the brink of adolescence.
Busting to be accepted, screaming to be included!

Infusing ANY situation like this with sweet sweet goodness could only have been a good thing!
A rich chocolate cupcake with a centre of chocolate ganache topped with fresh whipped cream.
Wings of chocolate cupcake split and placed into the whipped cream. Dusted with icing sugar.
More chocolate ganache squeezed on top and a stick of kit-kat speared into the ganache!
If I do say so myself ~MAN THEY WERE GOOD~
Amanda asked me to work a little cupcake magic for Paige's birthday celebrations!
Paige asked as well.
Happy Happy Thirteenth Birthday
Miss Paige
Rich chocolate cake with a centre of chocolate ganache.
Topped with a butter icing.
Decorated with mini marsh mellows and mini licorice allsorts!

I have spent a busy week re-evaluating how things get done around here.
I have increased my hours at work, not by much BUT the extra couple of hours 
have thrown out my routine SIGH.
 So I'm just finding my new groove there.
The He-Devil is still challenging me and I am working on strategies to handle
the curve balls he is sending me. 

I am feeling the need for a little shake up around here.



  1. Jewelz,
    The cupcakes look glorious and I can imagine they taste as fantastic as they look!!
    Why oh Why..... I just started my eating healthy
    and then you go and post these tempting pics...

    Missed you and I'm eagerly awaiting to see about your shake up!


  2. Mmmmm!! I love cupcakes. They look scrumptious. What a nice mom you are.

    Hope you are able to shake up and shake out the yuckies. Have a great week.