Sunday, June 21, 2009

☺ Lighting Up My Life On SOOC Saturday/Sunday ☺

Lighting Up My Life Tonight.
Baby She-Devil and her bestie, having fun with light sabers bought
from the visiting Fair (carnival).
I'm stepping out of my comfort zone and am practicing with
different settings on my camera. I'm fond of the Aperture (A) mode
on my camera. Tonight I worked with  the Shutter speed (Tv) mode.
Love how this turned out.
Woohoo me for coming out of my comfort zone. 
Believe me THAT is a biggy at the moment considering the
pressure the universe seems to be placing on me at the moment.
See this post for a little insight to what the universe has sent to test me of late.
{{Hence my absence from SOOC Saturday last week}}
Pressure can be a good thing so I am embracing it...if it can turn coal into diamonds,
I wonder what it can do for me!
I like that I am becoming better acquainted with my camera.
Speaking of need to pop over to Melody's @ Slurping Life and check out
the photos of others great photographers.
Slurping Life
We share SOOC (Straight Out Of Camera~no editing allowed)Shots
with each other each week, inspiring and encouraging each other.
How can you step out of your comfort zone this week?
Give it a go.....and let me know how you went :0)
Document about it....then leave me a message if you'd like.
Include a link in a message so I can see how you challenged yourself.
If I was a little less blurry from the pain meds I am taking at the 
moment I might have investigated how to insert a Mr Linky application.
The next challenge to tackle :0) has just presented itself LOL.

Embracing Challenges
Thanks for stopping by

This is a really cool little Post Script....This blog entry fitted into a great little artistic challenge my cyber-friend Kal Barteski over at [i] LoveLife, in partnership with Elise Joy Blaha from enJOY it have come up with.
I was just talking about how this SOOC photo was an artistic challenge for me...Bizarre.
Sooooo.........I give you my SOOC entry as I GoVenturinG :0)  Come join us...I Challenge You!


  1. Very neat-o! I also tend to shoot in aperture priority, but this shot might motivate me to switch it up now and again!

  2. I'm trying to think what is outside of my comfort zone and how I can step into it. Ack, the only thing I can think of is wearing a bikini and you better believe that is not going to happen.

    Great pic. We try to write our names while leaving the shutter open.

  3. Really awesome shot! Shutter speeds are fun, looks like you are doing great!

  4. Awesome! LOve it! I know what you mean about comfort zones. You kind of need time to psych yourself up to it though. Off to check out what the Universe has been serving up....

  5. Wow that's really awesome. Its great to experiment with the settings to see what you can get.
    Getting outta that comfort zone and seeing what you camera can do is a positive thing.

  6. such an awesome shot!! SO COOL! I love how it looks like a basketweave pattern!

  7. this is fun! thanks for sharing!

  8. Cool shot, and good for you for venturing outside of your comfort zone!