Thursday, June 18, 2009

just keeping you updated

this has to be the most boring post i've ever done...however I just wanted to catch everyone up on why i have been absent.
1. he-devil had run away from home. took him a week to come home :0(..............
2. have been off work for a week. i have a pinched nerve in my left shoulder and the muscles are in a spasm .  
3. 5 hospital visits. x-rays, ultrasounds, lots of injections {that burn like a bitch} and 3 visits to my GP {local doctor}
4. heavy prescription drugs. just look at how whacked out I look in this photo taken with my photobooth application tonight! the white thing on my shoulder is a of the things that make the pain bearable.             
5. school reports...not easy whacked off your head and only able to type one handed {hence no capital letters lol} and a whole lot of editing because in lucid moments the comments seem like gobbledegook! sigh!
5. a gob smacking moment that blew me out of the water when i passed by someone i never thought i would ever have to lay eyes on again. that will be a jaw dropping post all of its own. all i will say is the person known as the toxic avenger has gotten a job in MY turf...2000kms away from the place i left to avoid ever. having to lay eyes on her again. in short, her action led to the death of my children's father almost two years ago to the day...well 10 days to go and it will be 2 years! i think the universe has brought her here so i can face her, have my say and achieve closure at last. thank you universe. you rock.
and........................that's all i can explain tonight. drugs licking...[ooops kicking in lol] again. keyboard letters melding together. time for heating up my wheat-pack and heading to bed.

so i shall return tomorrow a little more lucid i hope. another doc appointment at 9am.  so hi ho hi ho it's off to bed i go :0)woot
missing my blogging friends and, in a more 'together' moment, i have a whole lot of exciting news to share! wooot woooooooot :0)

love to my friends, peace to those i don't know well enough to send out love to teehee (don't want to creep  casual visitors that have yet to meet them!
ok seriously going crosseyed. 

sleep with angels my friends
♡❀♡❀♡❀♡❀♡❀♡ jewelz ♡❀♡❀♡❀♡❀♡❀♡❀♡❀♡


  1. I have soooooooooooo missssssssssssssssed you!!!!
    I'm sorry to hear you are in so much pain. I hope you start on the mend quickly.

    So I do believe an email is in order regarding the whole incident about the lady who moved to where you are living.

    Anxious to hear of your exciting news.

    Thinking of you and Hugs, it sounds like you need one.

  2. Oh Jewelz. I was starting to worry. I hope everything (including you) gets better soon. Sounds like a very stressful time for you. Keep positive, things will always get better. Sending good vibes from Canada.

  3. OK. Lots to deal with there!
    I can really empathise with shoulder pain. I've had two bouts of bursitis in one shoulder and tendonitis in the other :-( The injections did it for me. WHAT a relief.
    As for reports...what do you think I am avoiding by writing to you now???? :-) I still have two classes and a care group to do before tomorrow morning. And as for the lady from Hell, you're right. The Lord moves in mysterious ways and it is always best to face things when you are ready.
    Sending you good vibes and encouragement. Keep taking great pictures.

  4. Can I recommend Magnets Jewelz... I would not be walking around if not for the magnets sticky taped to my hips... I will try to get the right brand name for you (there are lots of fake ones around) from friend in Perth.
    They do work.... and take it easy, OK.... breath deeply... anime Chica!