Monday, July 6, 2009

Catching Up~ SOOC Weekend

This is a catch up post.
I am falling way way behind.
School Holidays, Pinched nerve in shoulder, flight to Perth for the He and She Devils participation in the Global Rock Eisteddfod Challenge.
this years is not up yet!
Unfortunately they did not win this year, however they have every right
to hold their heads high because they walked away
with a bucket load of awards, did an awesome job on the night
and did Hedland proud with their behaviour and conduct at the Challenge.
Huge thumbs up to the kids and their teachers, the prac-student and the parent helper
who helped our kids achieve all that they did.

(SOOC self portrait using my iNotebook Photobooth)
I got to be the event photographer...and will use some of the shots for
BHP Billiton have sponsored me so I could be a part of the exciting opportunity offered to me to be involved in the workshop.

Slurping Life

Shooting this photo...I am still out of my comfort zone shooting in the
T.V priority mode (shutter speed).
However, I figure if you don't step outside of your comfort zone you cannot grow and improve.
So here I am..outside my comfort zone.
I love how the movement was captured in this shot.
I have so many fantastic shots from their preparation for Eisteddfod over the
last semester, I can't wait to put something together for them.

It is about the only comfort zone I'm out of at the moment
because the family and I continued on to Adelaide after Perth.
Juzz's family {{they are mine too ;o)}} live in Adelaide.
I love each one of them to bits. I am blessed to be a part of such a nice family.
I'll catch up and share a little of our adventures during the week.
I think bringing everyone away was the BEST thing for everyone after the dramas we have been experiencing in our house these past few months.
Particularly the He-Devil...however I shall share more about that in another post.Any hooooo pop on over to Melody's @ Slurping Life and
check out the SOOC (Straight Out Of Camera) Shots taken
by other talented photographers.
Hope all is well with everyone.
Thanks for dropping by


  1. Wow, looks like a cool workshop. good for you.

  2. Good for you Jewelz, and whilst stepping out of your comfort zone look at the amazing job you are doing with your photos. Awesome!

    Bought a new book titled "Understanding Exposure" author Bryan Peterson
    Must have, very insightful.

    I certainly have missed you shall we catch up with coffee once things settle (;
    Would be nice.


  3. Oh and also I have gone to the other side I am the proud new owner of a beautiful imac. We are still in the dating stage, but I am so in love!

  4. What wonderful opportunities...event photographer and photog workshop. Can't wait to see what you will learn.

  5. Good for you! Especially for stepping out of your comfort zone! =)

  6. Awesome jump shot. And I would say that you jumped out of your comfort zone! Nice job.

  7. Great shot! And sounds like the workshop was great, too!

  8. Hi Jewelz
    Sash here with Mitch painting Cosi sets. Nice photos. Love the one of Bella.
    Can't wait to see the rock pics
    Lov Sash