Tuesday, July 7, 2009

♥ Cyber Coffee and Chat ♥

Ok Lisa...I've put a mass of things to keep the kids busy in the Cyber-playroom!
The older kids have agreed to Cyber-sit for us.
I'm sure Sloan will get along fabulously with my lot..so with all of the kids happy,
we have a little 'you and me time'!
My dear sweet Mother-In-Law, 'Grandma Froggy', has been tutoring me
on how to make the perfect cup of coffee with her 'new' coffee machine.
I thought the last one they had was flash...this one is simple AND flash!
Our coffees are made!
☺☺ NOT forgetting the choc sprinkles on top ☺☺
...and the warming sun is streaming through the sunroom windows.
I've put a little bird seed in the feeder (you can see it just above my coffee outside the window),
so the doves will be along shortly!
Now, as long as you have the pie...we are set for a lovely afternoon of cyber coffee, pie and chat!
How lovely....pull up a chair my friend!
How has your day been so far?
Oh....and tell me about your new iMac :0) how exciting!

{{Holds coffee cup up to 'clink' cups with Lisa}}

Fresh Coffee for us Lisa
Baby Choccochinos for Bella, Taiga and Gage
Hot Chocolate for Sloan and Josh, Jordy and Tess :0)

Bella says..."Choccochinos ROCK, drink up Taiga, drink up Gage, my Big Sissy
is bringing Sloan's Hot Chocolate."
So Weird that you should talk about a Macro lens and ring flash!
It's a little late right now...and I'd hate our coffee's to go cold!!!
I'll post a new post tomorrow to show you what I went looking for the other day!!!
Can you guess my little Mac genius???
Did you use iMovie to upload your videos from your camera to you Mac?



  1. Jewelz you are such an amazing hostess, and that coffee most certainly puts that coffee company "starbucks" to shame!!

    The children are off playing and I am in heaven enjoying my fine cup of coffee, my yummy dessert, and most importantly my divine conversation with a friend. Life really is grand!

    So happy to have met you my friend!


  2. It is nice isn't it....this dessert is delicious, pardon my ignorance but what is it? I must have a copy of the recipe.
    I love sitting in this spot of my in-laws house. It can be a bit chilly here in Adelaide, compared with Hedland, but with the sun pouring through all of these windows it is a delightful place to sit and chat.
    Now you haven't told me what you ended up choosing as far as your new Mac goes?
    Hmmm, either those kids are up to mischief or they are having a ball....I have yet to hear a raised voice amongst them. You would think with seven in one room there would be chaos LOL ;0).....my goodness all is well. Belle, Gage and Taiga are happy playing with all the Anamalz Belle has collected http://www.anamalz.com/ we found some more on a shopping expedition in Perth last week, I even found some at the airport on the way to Adelaide and they are getting cheaper and cheaper...I love em! The girl at the National Geographic store even gave me a copy of the song CD for nothing! how cool was that?
    Sloan is happy watching a video with Josh, Jordy and Tess. Whilst the little ones play on the floor. How nice that they are all getting along so fabulously!
    I have to agree..Life is grand isn't it? It sends us some wicked curve balls along the way but makes up for it every now and then by giving us opportunities like this. Thanks for joining me for afternoon tea (or coffee in our case). It has been so nice fostering our friendship ♡


  3. Jewelz,

    Is this anamalz the same as webkinz? They are adorable! This is the first I have seen of the anamalz. I want some for me!

    So I bought the imac 24 inch, also purchased Aperture 2 and am still so very confused. May just have to take a course. I love it so!
    I am still trying to figure out how to set up a photo gallery etc, and transfer to albums!

    Wish we lived closer to take all the photography and photoshop courses together.


  4. Jewelz,

    In iphoto how do I multi select photos to send off to apple to print, curious to see their quality of printing.

    I know I click under file and then click print photo but cannot seem to figure out how to have have multiple photos printed?!


  5. I haven't ordered prints on-line as yet...so I'll have to go in and check it out. If it is a case of clicking one after the other until you have selected/highlighted all the prints you want to order and you are having trouble selecting more than one print at a time (what I mean is if you click on one photo to select it, then click on the next photo to select that also, and the first photo selection is cancelled) I think if you press and hold your command button when you click on each photo you wish to select, that may work. That's how you select multiple photos in iPhoto or from your external hard drive storage if you are using one :0)
    There are a few good sites that give you P.C > Mac equivalent.
    I’m actually going to get a few prints done whilst I’m in Adelaide. I’d also like to do a few coffee table kind of books! ((whispers~ a macro lens is on my list to sssshhhhhh)) A different camera bag would be good. I just don’t find my bag really user friendly!

    I’m off to an opening of a photographic exhibition tomorrow night with my Darlin’ Brother (whispers into her hand) in-law…..He’s my brother and that’s that. I am such a blessed soul <3 Dee is my Mac guru…I run to him if I need help. Distance makes it way to difficult to just ‘pop over’….much like you and I :0)
    If I can ‘Mac-help’ in any way I’m happy to, if I am able too.

    I am trying out the trial version of Aperture at the moment. I will have the full version installed soon enough :0) (before we return to Perth~winks~)

    I’m not so sure the webkinz are all that similar to the Anamalz…except that there is a web site that allows you to get a little interactive.
    If you have a quick peek at this post


    you will see some of her Animalz collection that is at home. This trip has meant I have been able to collect a few more ((coughs-few HA!!}}! It was a great afternoon. There are some cool shots already….I’m just snapping away at the moment. I’m even dabbling in a little Lomography for fun…really to goodness ACTUAL film.

    http://www.lomography.com/photos you can check out some Lomo shots here,
    I was perhaps going to sneak a few Lomo shots into the exhibition if I can! It will of course depend on the WOW factor of ech shot :0)

    I shall have to check out the photos….ooh it’s late (early~am)…so I will check them out later today (DSLR ones to begin with. I also have a few roles of LOMO to collect tomorrow and a few more to drop off LOL!

    I’ll catch up a little later…thanks for dropping by for coffee My Friend, this has been really cool

  6. Mmmm! Now that's the kind of coffee I can enjoy without a headache! =D Thank you so much for all the math links you left me!!! That was so kind and generous, thank you!!! Have a nice weekend! =)

  7. Hello Jewelz,

    Round 2 on my novel to you. Thanks so much for the tip on the multi selecting the photos, just sent off 100 to be printed and I will let you know the quality of them when I receive them.

    Have I mentioned how much I LOVE MY iMAC!!!!!!!!!!

    Interesting photo site, have a macro lens and ring light haven't attempted any photos yet. I kill things Jewelz...Shhh don't tell anyone!!
    All the plants are artificial in my house and I do not have a garden of pretty flowers so haven't had the wondrous opportunity to attempt any different photos.

    Sounds as though you are having a wondrous time in your universe, I do know I'm sending you loads of love from mine!!


  8. Jewelz any ideas on how to download my videos onto my imac. My video camera is a DCR-SR42.


  9. I am so smart, I am so smart SMRT!, SMRT!
    I figured it out all by myself.
    Why I do declare Jewelz I am simply a Mac genius!!

  10. Busy couple of days Lisa....and booyeah to you for
    a) coming over to the Mac side :0)
    b) clearly being a Mac genius :0)
    it's a shaky start when you step into Mac territory isn't it but man once you're there....there ain't no going back :0) only forward.
    I L♡VE my Mac :0)
    Oh...have you found the 'characters' yet?????
    Now....I have to duck off and get us fresh coffees...oh and there are baby Choccochino's for the little ones and Hot Chocs for the older ones :0)
    Be back soon..................................................................................

  11. Jewelz pray tell about those little characters!

    Can't wait for those coffees.....

  12. Good afternoon...well it is here :0)
    When you want to insert a character...and there are HEAPS...Pop up to your browser bar...I am using Safari ATM so along the Safari Bar at the top of your screen go into the edit drop down menu and at the bottom of the drop down menu you will find 'special characters'! click on that and a little pop up window will appear. find the character you want click on it to select the character you want to insert, make sure your cursor where you want the character and hit insert on the 'character' pop up window...viola special extra little tid bits ❀❁❀❁❀❁❀❁❀