Wednesday, September 2, 2009

....>>>Focusing on the Future<<<....

YohFest has Come to Town

The He-Devil has been a little more focused on what he wants to achieve in this lifetime.
He has been kept busy (which is what I think is what he needs), because if he is busy he has less time to be the little rebel he has been over the last few months.
It is one of the drawbacks for the youth of a relatively isolated mining town, which is what Hedland is...don't get me wrong, it's not a 'one horse town' kinda isolated.
It's quiet large (I'm including Port and South together here) so it's more like a 'two town horse'.

Anyone confuzzled???

Hedland is a community comprized of two towns~we have different postal codes~we are seperated by 13kms and a bridge that allows the constant stream of traffic over the train lines and into and out of the port, to flow relatively steadily. If people had to wait for every train that had to enter and exit the port...well lets just say NO-ONE would get anywhere on time.
The infrastructure of both towns combined, provides the communities with the amenities that are needed to service the community.
There is only one high school and it is this side of the tracks.
It is here that Josh has been able to pursue his love of the dramatic arts.
Singing, dancing and acting.

He's not silly...look at the gorgeous girls he get to hang out with :0)
They are not just are not just a good looking crew either!
They are each very talented, they work well together AND are nice people to boot.
They are also good for Josh.
They encourage him to achieve the best he can.

...and you know something, he's not too bad at it {{{if I do say so myself}}}
Last night Josh and three of his school friends (that's them above),
performed a great piece for the YOHFest that they put together with the guidance of this awesome woman. Fingers crossed our crew makes it into the top eight...then they get to go to Perth, much like Eisteddfod, and perform against the other chosen teams for the Grand Prize...I think they can win their school $10,000.00AUS...Sash??? Is that right?? I know she's popped by my blog every now and then
:0) and I did ask her for permission to paste her lovely face all over my blog :0)
So I'm sure she'll pop in to make sure I didn't post a horrid photo of her LOL...she did give me those 'conditions' when I asked her if I could post a piccie of her!!! LOL

This is Miss B

I have much to thank her for.
It's amazing to think that a few years ago my first encounter with her was at Coles...our local supermarket. She was a fresh, polite breath of air....serving me at the checkouts!
She worked at Coles for a little while until she graduated Uni as a teacher.
Hedland Senior High is blessed she is their Dance Specialist/Teacher.
Last year Hedland.S.H.S was the first country school to be awarded the title of Specialist School of the Arts, which is very very cool and especially awesome considering that dramatic arts is THE only path that Josh seems to be keen to travel...and he really is suited to the stage.
He is a performer, he revels in the spotlight ~a little too much sometimes!!!~
{{{sighs and rolls eyes}}}
She has been one of Josh's greatest supporters, for which I will be eternally grateful. When everyone else was ready to kick him to the curb because of the brewing 'attitude', which we have been proactively readjusting, Sash was there encouraging him to be better, to have confidence in his abilities and to drop the cocky 'jock'
attitude. It has been a tough battle but one we appear to be winning
He has his late fathers stubborn temper...and his amazing biceps too LOL!

Miss B leads by example, her passion is evident and her drive to help our kids achieve all she can help them achieve is obvious.
I personally have much to thank her for, because during our little 'run-a-ways' escapades, she was right there behind the scenes doing all she could do to support him AND help bring the He-Devil to his senses.
She watches out for him and I appreciate it


I hope everyone is having a ROCKIN' week.

Put those headphones in, turn up your favorite uplifting tunes and take yourself to a place where your 'rock it' attitude and groove is...then let go babee.
Dance like no-one is watching, be silly, cut's awesome therapy!

Peace Out
Thanks for dropping by

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