Tuesday, September 29, 2009

☼☼☼☼True Story Tuesday☼☼☼☼

I've been in the Bloggy Blah's just lately.
In an attempt to blow them away I have been looking for a little guidance,
a little inspiration...with just the right mix of silliness thrown in for good measure.
Now, Rachel and Mr Daddy over at Once Upon a Miracle, seem to 'get' my sense of humour.
It would appear that even though we are separated by almost half a world, we share similar moments...see this post at my place.
See...same BUT different :0)

Taking Up the
True Story Tuesday Challenge
I offer you my True Story on True Story Tuesday.

{{The story is true, the photos are real, the people are real...however they are in costume so as to conceal their true identities <<>>}}
After my fabulous Hubby's long hours, dedication and exemplary leadership skills were honoured last Saturday at the Port Hedland Camber of Commerce Business of the Year awards.
I bragged about it here.
Juzz gives and gives.
He takes little in return. He asks for little.
When he does splurge on things for himself, it usually involves cookbooks or equipment for the kitchen and we all win again...
He R☆CKS it in the kitchen, as many of our friends and family can attest to.
Last week I took the advantage of a little 'gift' deposited into my bank account and decided to do two things in a very short period of time~an afternoon~ Eeep!!!
Purchase two things we have both discussed on many, many occasions.
1. A Large Flat (ish) Screen T.V
2. A New Couch (this was the most sensible purchase as the old couches were in very VERY sad condition).
In the space of an afternoon I wanted to purchase both things.
I understood that having the couch purchased AND delivered may have been a bit of a stretch! {it is the Pilbara after all}
I did however, anticipate having the Television bought AND set up by the time my Husband walked in the door from work!

Set up..really set up. Foxtel plugged in, DVD plugged in, TV chanels tuned and happening by the time Juzz rolled into the driveway sometime after 6pm.
The eldest She-Devil and her Bestie decided that the MUST be involved in the decision making process, so along they tagged.
....to preserve their identities {{{scorfs}}}....

I present MissyBee



We headed off to the Electrical Goods Store, no they were not wearing their costumes!!!
I buy local, they are good to me and have my loyal patronage because of the great service I receive there, so I head off to RetraVision.

We walk into an area that is wall to wall T.V's. MissyBee and MissyLadybug are laughing and giggling loudly, they are pulling and tugging at each other, whispering snippets of silliness to each other...it was heart warming to listen to. I love watching them explore the perilous waters of teenagehood friendships, they are often not more than an arms reach from one another, so they can reach out a helping hand if the seas become a little rough! Tears and Laughter...precious memories are made in moments like these.
They bowled past me pointing to this television and that one, pausing briefly before moving on to the next television that had stolen their attention.
Then MissyBee paused.
Something has captured her attention.
She moved towards a large EXPENSIVE flatscreen TV.
Her hand reached out and she traced the outline of the brightly coloured 'button' in the top left hand corner of the television. She was mesmerized.

Can you see the pretty green button in the top left hand corner of the television that now takes pride of place in our lounge room?
The one on the television in the store was luminescent green. It glowed brightly...MissyBee was drawn to it like a 'bee to honey'. She was hypnotized.
"Oh Mumma...let's buy this one? It has this pretty light that tells you when the television is on. Please please please can we buy this one PAHLEEEEEEEEEEEEZE........" she tugged on my sleeve.
She BUGGED me incessantly...get it...bugged me...... LMAO {{rolls eyes}} bwahahaha.
Anyways...I passed the television by. I didn't care HOW pretty the light was, she had just been drawn to THE most expensive television in the store. I passed it by.
Ignoring her... Mumma mumma mum mum mOMMA mOM mum Mumma MUM Muuuuuuum Ma ma ma Mother ma mumma....she continued to 'bug' me!
Though she eventually gives up
and after much looking around, I stand between two televisions.
MissyLadybug is standing to my right. MissyBee is on my left...and we are looking at the televisions. One will eventually be the television of our choice.
However, for the moment, we are tossing up between two televisions...
This one or that one?
This one or that one?
How much for this one Vass?.......and that one?
Then MissyBee is drawn to the green light.
Not in the same place as the first TV but the same vibrant pulsing green light none the less.
"Ooooh ok lets have this one instead of the other one. This one has one of those pretty green lights," MissyBee tries her best to be persuasive.
Only MissyLadybug and I are frozen to our spots because of MissyBee's comment!
The one thing that made THIS TV more appealing than THAT TV...
...the pretty green light!
MissyLadybug and I look intently at MissyBee, trying to work out if her comment was genuine.
Seriously not...she had to be joking!!!

......alas she was not......

{{ok...now for the purpose of retelling this story as accurately as possible I DID 'create' the 'light' in the top photo that shows the whole television....}} I used the same thing the store used HOWEVER...mine has a picture of a star on it...ROTFLMAO the one in the store did not!

It was a just a plain fluro green STICKER!!!!

Bwahahahaha.. yes.. dear sweet MissyBee thought the sticker was the 'stand-by' light.

True Story

I sweeeear!

Thanks for dropping by


  1. That is just too funny!

    I would never admit to being swayed by pretty lights or bright colors. And the tv that lit up when you waved your hand in front of the teeny tiny blue light. Nuh-uh... I didn't beg for that one.

    So was she royally embarrassed? Did she giggle it off? Just hi-lar-ious.

    And I'm guessing the hubs is pleased as punch?

    And do tell... how do you get those "gifts" deposited into your bank account? We sure could use some new couches... :)

  2. Rachel...a few of us are still laughing...MissyBee is NOT! If we dare to attempt recalling the 'moment' within her earshot we are quickly cut off by a shrill scream ....SHUT UP....IT IS NOT FUNNY...BE QUIET!!!
    Bwahahahahahahaha. Oh sorry I just had to laugh {{{pulls self together}}} She had the most precious look on her face. She so totally believed it was a shiny green light! ♡Ah my precious love♡
    ~mwah~ blows MissyBee a Kiss or four :0) ✘✘✘✘

    As for the 'gift'...I choose to believe it was a karmic kiss. In the days before the business awards, Juzz's boss had given him a well deserve, much anticipated 'bonus'. ...then we scooped the pool at the awards!!! I am now looking forward to a potential Christmas bonus...fingers crossed :0) If not, then I shall be, as always, grateful for the gifts that have been bestowed upon us. Let's be honest though...a big fat cash bonus for Christmas would be mighty grand :0) wouldn't it?


  3. That is so funny. Gotta love a girl who is attracted to the pretty lights! (Never take her to Vegas)

    And WOW- what was hubby's reaction?

    PS- Ask Rachel to post pictures of her couches on her blog. ;)

  4. Jewelz,

    I am so overcome with incredible emotion right now.

    It is on video on my blog....WOW!