Monday, September 28, 2009

♡♡Happy Birthday Sweet Girl♡♡

Where have the last three years gone?

You've grown in oh so many ways.
You're such a pleasure twenty four hours a day.

Sweet Bella We Love You

And We Show You By The Things We Do

You Want Ladybugs and Honey Bees For Your Birthday...
...Sweet Bella, We're There For You

You want Dora and LadyBugs
When We Sing
♬♪♪♬♬♬Happy Birthday To You♬♪♪♬♬♬
Then We'll Get Them For You

A story to finish off the night
A kiss from Mummy and a Kiss from Daddy
in the glow of the magical light.
We Love You Sweet Sweet Izabella
Happy Birthday
Good Night



  1. Happy Birthday Sweet Bella,
    What a beautiful post.
    Bella may all your dreams come true.


  2. Sigh... I wondered about those girls in costume - and it is heartwarming to know they did it for your little 3-year old treasure.

    And golly - that first picture gives me baby fever! Beautiful!

    Happy late birthday sweet thing!

  3. MissyBee is big sister, AKA, She-Devil or Sissy. She and MissLadybug, AKA She-Devil's close girlfriend, Lauren dressed up for Belle and played 'Party Hostesses' for me. They were fabulous. We had a bouncy castle and the girls were there to ensure little people didn't fly off the castle without someone there to catch them :0) They made the day flow so easily. It was great!