Sunday, September 20, 2009

☆☆☆SOOC Sunday Celebrations☆☆☆

Port Hedland Chamber of Commerse Inc. Business of the Year Awards 2009
(shot by Tegan using She-Devil's Canon Ixus80 Point and Shoot)

Saturday night was a Black Tie event here in Hedland
((It does NOT happen often and when an event like this happens, it is VERY cool to see how Pilbara people scrub up~Pindan (red dirt) inevitably kisses everyone and everything here, so staying dust free is a quest all on its own here.

Saturday came around and I fought hard to lift the veil of apathy that has descended over our home. Long working hours, a string of maladies that have drained everyone, hormonal hybrid He and She-Devils testing the boundaries and painful parents putting into practice attitude adjustment techniques are just a few of the strains that seem to have dampened a few spirits here in the Byrne household lately!

Juzz complained....he didn't have anything to wear to a 'Black Tie' event.
(He didn't even wear a tie to our wedding for goodness sake!)
I didn't have a suitable dress...and Hedland is NOT a shoppers paradise!
He was tired...we've all had a flu that has involved various antibiotics!
'Not really keen on going tonight BUT we've (the company) paid a fortune for four we should go for a little while!' he teeters between going and not going!

We head out to the shops...strike it lucky in a mere two hours (NOT HEARD OF FOR US)!
OK, so it's not OFFICIALLY 'Black Tie' but dang he scrubbed up alright
....I especially like the purple tie~Meh, we do thangs a little different up here~
☆Black Tie, Smack Tie...Purple was far cooler☆
(FujiFilm FinePix Waterproof Point and Shoot)
The Walkabout was a sea of red and black, with an oriental theme dominating the evening!
A friend,Lorraine, did a magnificent job dressing the hotel up for the event
I played it cool with the cameras....there was a dominating theme. FLAT Battery, FLAT Battery oh and a FLAT Battery! I clicked a shot or two camera's a sign I WILL need a camera tonight. Texted She-Devil, Pahleeeeeze bring Mummay your camera just incase :0)
{{Luckily Tegan has her licence and He-Devil could continue babysitting Wee She-Devil}}

Sunday Celebrations
{Straight Out Of Camera}
Intuition paid off.....not only did we take out the award for Best Business with 20 plus employees BUT we also took out the biggy
The Port Hedland Camber of Commerce Inc. Best Business of the Year Award for 2009

Justin has done an absolutely amazing job, as have his crew.
For me, it was so nice to see him acknowledged for all of his hard work.
He has brought Tim Davies Landscaping so far and has made a big impact on our community.
There is nothing nicer than the striking contrast of green against the bright red of the Pilbara Pindan and my man helped make it happen.
♡♡He colours my world...and the world of those around me♡♡

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  1. oh my what a gorgeous couple
    Love the oriental theme as well

  2. just laughing at your comment you made on my
    SOOC Saturday "chaps" photo. My husband and I both had a good chuckle! Congratulations on your husband winning that prestigious award for his business excellence! Hope you and your family are all "flued" out and healthy soon.

  3. thanks for the comment about the "chaps" my hubby bought! we both had a good chuckle! Congratulations on winning that prestigious Business excellence award.{that is due to hard work and commitment}
    wishing you health soon to you and family!

  4. Congratulations to Juzz. That is a great accomplishment. You two look great together. Hope things are looking up.

  5. Congrats on the awards! You two look smashing and I want one of those purple ties for my hubby! Very nice pix! :)

  6. Oooh! I would hang the second picture you have posted on my wall! Nice pictures!! :-D

  7. Jewelz you look simply beautiful, and as for the husband he cleans up quite nice now doesn't he.
    Nice choice wife on the purple tie, because I know you would have pieced that brilliant ensemble together.

    Congratulations on your wins!

    Did you drink wine? Come on just tell me how great it tasted so I can live vicariously through you.....husband and I haven't had a date in a while and how I want a brilliant wine with a nice dinner.

    Hugs and all the love in the universe from me to you!


    Great shots, so glad the She Devil could bring you the bake up camera!

  9. Oh you look devine!

    And yes, the purple tie is cleaning up nice.

    And who has time for a Volcyum when you've got a successful hubby like that? ;)

    So glad you went - and won!