Monday, August 31, 2009

><>..Like A Fish Out Of Water..<><

Feeling a little like a fish out of water lately.
or should that read still?

I'm sure it's still Sunday somewhere in the world.
I vowed to post a SOOC shot this weekend...if it killed me.
{{{ok...perhaps THAT is exaggerating a little}}}
Better late than never is my mantra at the moment...

...that and...
'I'm in my place of Zen. I am calm, I am in control, I am f@cking kidding myself AND it is working for me at this present moment in time!'
'I'm in my place of Zen. I am calm, I am in control, I am f@cking kidding myself AND it is working for me at this present moment in time!'
'I'm in my place of Zen. I am calm, I am in control, I am f@cking kidding myself AND it is working for me at this present moment in time!'

Repeat mantra to self whilst focusing on calming image (See above photo)
(It helps at this point, if you can lock any distractions such as children, pets and partners on the other side of a door!)

In my case they were all INSIDE the house, I was OUTSIDE and the patio door was locked!
The sun was setting over my back fence and...

I was drawn to this fish windchime and the way it looked against the setting sun.

Do you know,
that if you put your iPod(or whateva you have!)headphones in,
and turn suitably chosen music up,
That you can go just about anywhere your imagination can take you!

I am this fish out of water presently,
out of my comfortable safe water,
swimming against the current of resistance,
but I know the strong, tumultuous current shall ease eventually
and the calm still waters will return.
I shall take respite in that calm when it comes, knowing it will change again only too soon.
I shall be grateful for the changing waters
because we all know that still water eventually becomes stagnant.
I will no longer swim against the current of change.
I will go with the flow.
With less resistance comes the ability to lift ones eyes to look around for the positives that the change brings.

From my current iPod Playlist

This takes me to a cruisey, mellow place

This makes me wanna get up and groove, it lifts my spirit.
Why does it lift my spirit?

.....because it makes me think of this AWESOME wedding entrance.
If my husband could dance, he'd almost be perfect....
(I said ALMOST ~winks~)

To be brief~HA me brief~ ROTFLMAO

I have a house dripping with teenage hormones.
The teenagers are revolting!
Obnoxious, selfish, self~centred, disrespectful...I could go on BUT!
Add to the mix the 'run-a-way' from home moments
AND the truant from school moments
ADD the smoking moments
AND the jump out the window to meet my mates moments....
.....and you pretty much have my life at the moment!

♥Little messages like this help♥

Lisa said...

So the other day I woke up and my hands started to get real know the kind of shakes when you really know you need a low fat, double espresso, no whip, no foam, venti caramel macchiato? Then I realized it wasn't the was just that I was missing you (:

How have you been,
miss you,

This woman is AMAZING!
Thinking about the trials she and her family have had to, and do, endure
sends me to the kitchen to serve myself
a large cup of
'Shut the F@ck up'
and a plate of ' Remember what she's got going on'!

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  1. Wow, that was a jam-packed post! Love the photo; I'm trying zen, too; teens (and tweens) are revolting; every man should channel Rob Thomas just once; you have lovely friends; ENJOY your week :)

    (Thanks for your kind comments on my blog)

  2. Oh Jewelz,

    Sending some more calm serene moments your way, along with hugs, a girls day out, then sending you out for a lovely dinner.

    Love the fish both ways!!

    I am taken back by your words for me, thank-you.


  3. My comment here went no where...I was going to say to hang in there with the teens. and that I love Rob Thomas.

    Hope this one "takes."

  4. wow....that was great!
    i'm not sure why that wedding entrance video made me cry did...happy tears though...i've been meaning to watch it...i'm so glad you posted it!

    love your thoughts and your words.....and your picture too....found myself zoning out a little looking at calming...


  5. Thanks for sharing the wedding video. My girls and I have been sitting here having a good chuckle. Chuckling is good. I hope you can find moments to chuckle and lift your spirits. And always remember, this too shall pass. It's good to see you back.

  6. Hugs and hugs my friend
    You are so eloquent !

  7. Oh and wonderful picture BTW

  8. I love the focus of the fish! Sounds like things are a little crazy right now. Teenagers scare me, so I'm not sure what I'll do when I have three of them in my house. YIKES! ;) Take care you and just breathe.

  9. So very lovely - and zen inducing.

    Seriously, is EVERYONE having some kind of life-altering changes going on right now? Cuz everywhere I look, I recognize the same fighting-for-some-kind-of-normal expression (that mirrors mine).

    Thanks for sharing

  10. Lovely pic, Jewelz! And just dealing with a 4th grader is enough to give me grey hairs; I simply will NOT borrow grief and try to look ahead! But I can still send some sympathy your way. As for the still waters, I just read something about being like a ship; that we should want to be in deep water, for it's there that we can best do all that we were created to do. When you're in the shallows and too close to shore, it's then that you run the risk of hitting the bottom, running aground, or totally being smashed against the rocks. hmmmm... I do know it's easier to ride out a storm when you're out to sea. Blessings..

  11. My husband has a T shirt that says "always late but worth the wait".

    Well done with the fish.

  12. This Rockin' Woman says THANKS!

    Lovin' the fish swimming in the sunset. It IS peaceful.

    Hey, I have been known to hide on the deck after dark with my iPod plugged into my ears. Paradise.

    I also LOVE that wedding entrance. I've watched it many times before and it never gets old. Makes me want to have a re-wedding after all these bazillion years.