Sunday, August 16, 2009

♡This is a Happy 50th SOOC Celebratory Post For JB♡

This is my good friend JB (on the right) and I.
(SOOC shot taken with my ♥MacNotebook♥ using 'Photobooth')

These are the cute a$$ Chocolate dipped Cupcake-Pops
I made as a treat for her.

I took a plate of pops, made with L♡VE,
along last night, to her early birthday celebration
Hedland Style@ the Bowling Club.
She is off on a well deserved break
to celebrate her 'actual birthday date' with a group of good friends and family
on the Australian Gold Coast.
Party Your Precious Heart Out JB
Talking of pops....PoP
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  1. You should check out

    you could borrow more of her ideas.

  2. Hmmmm. First time I've stopped by for while. I still haven't tried the cakepopwhatjamathingys, however there is one in my fridge as we speak that I shall share with the girl when she gets home.

    There is a frog outside my door that I am going to hurt if it doesn't shut up. They shouldn't be out in the heat of the day annoying me.


  3. These turned out great! (and the cupcake pops look yummy) :)

  4. EllasNo1fan............ssshhhh {winks} I wasn't gonna let the Hedland Crew in on the genius behind these little gems just yet. I wanted to surprise a few more people in Hedland (it's only a small town) with their delicious preciousness before I gave them 'the receipe' and the link to Bakerella's kitchen :0) and I need to find a tiny flower cookie cutter before I can do Bakerella true justice in copying her genius!!!!
    Do you know I could not find a scone cutter, let a lone a cookie cutter here in Hedland (NOT even in the toys section of Kmart!!!) to do the pops the same way Bakerella does it!


  5. Love the photos - she must be a special friend!

    And do share - once you have hooked Hedland on them! :)


  7. great cupcake pops are making me soooo hungry!!!!

  8. Great Shots! I love the pops and I would love the recipe...Too Cute!!! ;)

  9. LOVE it
    A Good friend and good food - what could be better

  10. Cool pics! Those treats looks delicious!

  11. What a wonderful way to do your SOOC post... everyone likes to see themselves featured as the "star of the day"! Those cupcake pops look quite yummy, so you already had her feeling all good and special, and now this post. What a wonderful friend you are... great job!

  12. How fun!

    I am *not* letting my daughter see those cake pops. They are way too cute and she will want some! I will keep it in mind for school birthday treats, though.

  13. Hi there! Sorry I haven't visited but you kept up with blogging! It's addicting isn't it?

  14. I'm back Jewelz....Yeah!!!
    We cut it short by a few days!!

    Chat soon!

  15. So the other day I woke up and my hands started to get real know the kind of shakes when you really know you need a low fat, double espresso, no whip, no foam, venti caramel macchiato? Then I realized it wasn't the was just that I was missing you (:

    How have you been,
    miss you,