Monday, August 10, 2009

SOOC Sunday Fisheye perspective :0)

ok ok ok...maybe I'm cheating a little making this a triptych :0)
However, I think they needed to be put up together.

Before I go any further I'd like to thank Melody over at Slurping Life.
She is the host of our SOOC Weekends.
She had needed to retreat from blogging to deal with some complicated family issues.
I just want to send her strength and support along with my thanks for being an awesome hostess :0)
Slurping Life

Why don't you click on Melody's link so you can check out the awesome SOOC shots of other photographers!
(Straight Out Of Camera~No editing at all)
Now the shots........
We went off to Adelaide in South Australia over the holidays
to visit with Justin's family.
Whilst there, we visited the Adelaide Zoo.
A bit of a disappointment...lots of renovations happening so there
were many exhibits we could not visit :0(
I did have fun playing with my LOMO fisheye film camera.
These murals adorn the walls of the entrance to the zoo.
I love them.
That was enough for me to want to share them with you all.

Hope you are all having a great weekend.
Till next time :0)
Cheers All
and thanks for dropping by.


  1. love love love these pix!!!

  2. Jewelz,

    How I have missed you.....kind of funny how I just know something is going on at your end. Sending you support and hugs and mustn't forget the hot coffee! Please contact me via email if you ever need to chat...okay.

    Love the pictures,
    Hugs and love and homemade pie,

  3. Hey Jewelz,

    Can you read histograms?

  4. Fantastic Shots! I want one too! ;)

  5. So neat!!! I don't think it's cheating to use the fish eye lens, it's still straight out of the camera ;)

    I have done a couple black and white shots with mine...

  6. Jewelz,

    Going on vacation on Sunday.....I can't help but think of the Go-Go girls song "Vacation all I ever wanted." Crap is that even how that song went(The vinyl with them all on their water skis)
    All's I know is I'm old I said vinyl!

    Will be gone for over a week but am going to pre post, and am not taking any internet.

    Not a facebooker....I think I'm one of the few in civilation that isn't on there. Will have to IM on our macs, just because we're all cool like that with the apple. (Snickering, I am)


  7. Oh my - loving your fisheye lens! These are great shots with great atmosphere!

  8. Hi Rachael, It's more a whole camera rather than a lens. It's quite crude but I love it for the surprise factor. It's LOMOGRAPHY camera...a Lomo for short. This is the "fish eye" lomo. It's a film camera, point and shoot, PLASTIC, wait till you get it developed before you know if you 'got the shot' kinda thang! I did include a link in my post if you want to check them out. They have worldwide distributors and have a very interesting Russian spy cameras!
    It cost me less than $90 from Hedland's own Courthouse Art Gallery.
    I would LOVE a wideangle lens for my Canon though.
    One thing at a time though....I have just added a 90mm macro mmmm {{{puuuurrrzzzz}}}}}

    Thanks for dropping by everyone....and if you've left me a message or a little bloggy reaction l♡ve you rock just a little bit more :0)