Friday, August 14, 2009

......Friday Morning Randomness....

I've awoken in the early early hours of the morning.
I had a draining day yesterday.
An intense day, dealing with other people's children with attitude,
which, by the way normally does NOT phase me.
HOWEVER, team it with the trials I am having with the He-Devil presently,
A chair tossing, table kicking, box throwing, window punching, profanity rich verbal tyrade
from an eleven year old who is NOT my own flesh and blood,
did not start my day off on a super huge high note!!!
{{spending till 7pm at work making sure everything for my day was finished and put away and and an incident report written and filed before the end of my day was NOT my idea of a ✫GREAT✫ day at work!!!}}
Lucky we can start each day a fresh I say.

Hello Friday
Please be gentle with me!


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