Sunday, May 24, 2009

SOOC Sunday~straight out of the Macbook

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This week SOOC is happening on Sunday
and it's coming to you Straight out of the iMac Notebook
(iMac Photobooth effect~vignette)

Having a quiet moment this morning. The morning busyness is happening around me. The weather is cooling. It is pleasant to have a refreshing breeze wash through the house. 
Breakfasts are being made and consumed. Coffee is poured, my new iNotebook and I are getting better acquainted, I have found myself a copy of My Sister's Keeper to read. 
{{Thank you Lisa for the recommendation....I am absorbed ☟☟☟☟☟..... see!}}

(SOOC photobooth  effect~colour pencil)
Things have been somewhat disjointed around here...hence my lack luster approach to blogging lately. Thank you for the encouragement to keep the momentum going, for reminding me that tomorrow things will probably look very different{{they did/do}}. I have a few things going on that are testing my patience. At the top of the list is a very defiant He-Devil. He is pushing every boundary. He is standing toe to toe with me,  standing over me defying me to 'prove' of all things, the fact that I don't love him! He is begging me to show him how little I care for him! Challenging me to show the world how little he means to me! When he looks at me with those hurt, challenging eyes I am lost. All I want to do is wrap my arms around him and let him know I will never abandon him. That is the fear I see in his eyes. It IS fear of abandonment! He has as much as told me so...everyone has their own story and our stories intertwine. Josh has his own story BUT he is a part of mine. We are a part of each others and of other people's too! Each of us retells, recalls one story in many different ways. We each recall this one differently, I can't give you his version and he can't give you mine. We both are effected differently by the very same event in the very same moment in time.  

Sometimes I feel self indulgent being stressed by my relatively small issues, when I know others are dealing with more insanely stressing issues!!! I would ease their pain if I was able. The best I can do is offer assurance, be there to listen when they need to vent, bake outrageously delectable treats to share whilst venting session is in full swing and hope that when I need to vent, someone close to me will be astute enough to recognize that I need a little 'therapy' and drag me to a place where I can vent over delicious treats and a good coffee {because I don't have too many friends who bake so I am happy with a cafe that has a bakery...or a McDonalds McCafe :0) with wifi teehee!   I am also grateful for the offer of 'cyber therapy' {{raises a glass in Lisa's direction and pushes aside the empty pie plate ;0) }}! 

(SOOC photobooth  effect~pop art)
This week SOOC shot are coming to you from Straight Out Of The Macbook Photobooth and yes there are a few this week...why, because I could :0)
I'm pretty sure that's not cheating! Melody takes SOOC shots with her Macbook over at Slurping Life. Pop on over and check out the other SOOC participants photos.
Slurping Life

(SOOC photobooth  effect~colour pencil) answer a few questions from last weeks SOOC shot~
Who is the girl in THIS post?
Is she important to me?
How did I take the shot?
1. The girl in the post is ME!
2. Yes I think I am important to me...I also think I forget this sometimes too!
3. I took the shot using this wedged in my hot little hand,

Whilst this was perched on the desk at the foot of the bed! 
Silhouettes  and lighting flares are something I have been playing around with lately.
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  1. rock!
    I hope things are winding down for you and it is smooth sailing from here on out.
    Are you looooooooving your new notebook?!
    It appears so, and I hope you enjoy it.

    Heads up to the sun,

  2. I love how you're taking quiet moments for yourself with the coffee and reading. I think I need some for myself. I really like your other photos that look like art work too!

    I wish I had a better camera. What kind do you have?

  3. Ouch for your pain. It sounds very familiar, the person trying to push you further and further to prove what they alrady believe, that you don't love them. My stepson and I do this dance. The other day, furious at being called back from 'up the road' to tidy his mess before going out to play again, he shouted at me; "Why don't you just give me away then????"
    "I don't want to give you away,"I reply, "I want you to grow up to be a decent human being."
    Hope things settle. At least you have an imac, Maccas and coffee to play with.......

  4. I've read that book. I like Jodie Picoult. Love the shots you got with your imac. I'm a mac user too ! LOVE IT !!

  5. I gotta say I agree about Josh's eyes. I told you I saw him in the shops and I could've taken him home myself, he's a beautiful child and I promise he'll find his way back to you. That's coming from someone who went to some pretty bad places herself when she was Josh's age.

    Jewelz, you are an amazing person and an amazing friend who I would take to the free wifi place everyday if I could. I don't get to see you every day so if I am not around to judge whether you need a coffee fix you must text me the following : SOS free wifi @ (insert time here).

    Okay, we gotta deal.

    I love you my Effen friend.

  6. your eyes are sooooooo beutiful
    I have a saying about Macbooks

    "Once u go Mac
    U never go back"

  7. Missing you......How are you?

  8. Jewelz, don't update to iLie '09 OK! Has caused us no end of problems with our website which is not accessible at the moment.

    Thank you for inspiring me to take of a photo of beanie headed me via Photobooth! Will try to post if on Facebook. Love your Photobooth photo!

    We are in cold rainy Colonia del Sacramento, Uruguay, in the old Portuguese section of the city - it is beautiful... stay cool!
    el tiempo cura todos
    amor de Sue

  9. You posted this link on I Heart faces in error...