Wednesday, May 6, 2009

☆☆☆☆Sneak Peek☆☆☆☆

Here you go Auds I finally got around to taking a few shots of some of my work
...a sneaky peek at a few pieces of my art works for you!

Acrylic on canvas.

Great to paint...even nicer to eat MMMmmmm 

The flash has blown the colours out a little in the 2nd shot,
however I'm sure you get the idea :0)
Inspired by indigenous art.
This one isn't quite finished. I still have a little work to do to complete it.

'Around the World'
☝☝This is done with mixed media.☝☝
Edicol dyes, coloured pencils and paint pen on textured paper.

'Rescue Me'

Coloured pencils on cartridge paper.
There is a little story behind this one.
It is a representation of my husband and I,
after we lost our first child during the second trimester, I felt so very low and empty.
Juzz was the one that could pull me from that emotional turmoil.
The red and orange figures represent me,
the pink figure represents Juzz pulling me from that dark space. 
At one stage he had hair that was almost as long as mine :0)

This little one was inspired by my dear Effen Friend Amanda
(we drink Effen Vodka together and get a little silly when we do LMAO)
I take her class for Art and that gives her some D.O.T.T time (Duties Other Than Teaching).
Occasionally she will drop into my class and bring me a 
Latte with a dash of Chocolate syrup...
I   L♡VE   HER
There is something NOT quite right with it though...can you guess what it is?
Manda picked it as soon as she first saw good are you?
It is Acrylic paints on Cardboard...I love the texture of this piece.
I have the original and Amanda has a Giclee print.

Thanks for stopping by.
Let me know what you think.



  1. You're an amazing artist! I especially love your mud crab and rescue me. Beautiful.
    I'm a new fan of Klimt too after finding a tshirt with the kiss on it.

  2. My personal fave is the crab....LOVE IT!!

    Actually Jewelz I have found the perfect spot for it in my house(;

    Beautiful, on all pieces you should be proud.


  3. Love, love, love your art. I have to say the mud crab is my fave too. But they are all lovely. "Rescue me" is very touching. I can't imagine.

    Ok, I give up. I can't spot what's not quite right. But I usually can't see fault in others' work, only my own.

    Thanks for posting your art. Please post more, I really love them.
    have a great week.
    auds xx

  4. A clue, look in the bottom right hand corner and you'll see what Jewelz means.

    I am, however, not bothered at all by it because I love the picture. It now hangs on my wall in a gorgeous frame. It is the second one by Jewelz, the first one being even more amazing. I wasn't into art before I met Jewelz but I could cover my house in her stuff.

    I love my Effen friend too!

  5. Ah, is it your name? Thanks for the clue, Amanda. I did notice that, but I remember somewhere back in your blog you mentioned that you used to go by that spelling. Is that correct? It is a lovely painting. I can see why Amanda loves it. You are talented, keep it up, I'll be waiting to see more.

  6. Teehee...Bingo Auds. It erks me when I see it, because it just doesn't look right. Like I said ages ago, I though it was a bit 'wanky' to write Jewelz...because traditionally when you see it written it is spelt Jules! However it is not me. I pondered for ages when it came to signing it and I went with what I though others would 'expect' to see! {{{SIGH}}}
    I am Jewelz, I have been for a very long time. It wasn't until I started seeing it spelt other ways by other people {{Jamie Oliver's Wife is Juliette and he calls her 'Jools', there is a woman around town who has number plates 'Joolz'}} I decided I decided to be true to ME.
    I am Julie...but like I said before, that makes me feel like I'm in trouble with my Mum.
    I AM Jewelz :0)