Saturday, May 16, 2009

SOOC Saturday~Living In The Moment

Living In The Moment

Often when I hear this phrase it evokes in me images of happy busyness.
Lots happening around oneself and being a part of it.
Laughing, smiling, joyousness.
At the moment I am feeling very, VERY disjointed.
A lot is happening around me, not all of it is necessarily happy goings-on.
There is turmoil, confrontation, challenges, frustration and 
an overwhelming feeling of helplessness.
Today~'living in the moment' has meant retreating.
Finding a quiet space to avoid the confrontation.
Time to think.
Time to reflect.
Time to regroup.
Time to make a plan.
Time to rejuvenate my mind.
So that tomorrow I can rejoin the world.
The world outside of my shell.
Because tomorrow is a brand new day
and I will most definitely BE a part of it.
For today I am in my own little world
and I feel safe and warm in here.
Slurping Life
Pop on over to Melody's Place
See how others are Living In The Moment
Because each of us has many different moments to share.
We are sharing them SOOC~Straight Out Of Camera~No Editing Allowed!
Thank you for being a part of mine today.



  1. That was lovely, and a beautiful image to go with it. How did you take it? Or is it not you?

  2. This photo stirs so many emotions. The lighting is wonderful

  3. I love this shot...the lighting from the window silhouetting you is beautiful. Praying today is a better day that you can face head on.

  4. So beautiful. This shot is perfect just the way it is.


  5. Everything about this is beautiful and this past week I have made a point to carve out 30 minutes a day to just be without any outside interference so it hits me to the core.

  6. Jewelz this is beautiful, I love it!!!

    Please private email if you wish.....just to talk, I hope you are okay. I am here for you, without hesitation. Thiinking of you much.

    Hugs and love,

  7. I am sorry you're feeling sad these days. Just remember, everything always gets better.

    Maybe this is a good time to paint. I hope you will, so I can see some more of your lovely creations. This is a selfish request.

    I'm sending you happiness from Canada.

    auds xx

  8. beautiful words and a truly beautiful photo....
    hope tomorrow is a better day :)

  9. Beautiful photo, the lighting is perfection. Beautiful post as well.

  10. A beautiful soft photo... thanks for the lovely words as well.

  11. First, this is a gorgeous image...the soft light is dreamlike. Well done.

    Second, I hope your day of solitude has left you rejuvenated. Enjoy the world tomorrow.

  12. Your words and photo are beautiful! The photo seems very peacful and serene. I hope things get better for you!

  13. Very emotional. Your shot coveys the feeling in the words perfectly. I love how you set this shot up.

  14. What a beautiful photo and poem, I really enjoyed reading it. I love how peaceful your photo is looks a wonderful place to reflect. :)

  15. This photo is amazing ... and the words, even more so !

  16. This is wonderful! Who is she? Is she special to you?