Friday, May 8, 2009

☆✮☆Brightening the Place Up☆✮☆

Brightened up my entry hall this week.
I had some tiny prints by
(Denise is a Perth artist living in Broome) 
and a whole load of lovely box frames.
There is hardly anything on my walls...this is NOT our house and there isn't a single
hook anywhere in the place {{{sigh}}}}.
So, I purchased some 3M removable sticky velcro thingies!!! 
{that's the technical term I am using LOL-What? Oh shuddup it's MY blog :0)}
I grabbed the frames, Denise's wee prints, a little Bazzill cardstock
and a sand dollar that I picked up on Eighty Mile Beach! 
(one of about a gazzillion that I have. Ok, ok maybe NOT a gazzillion!)
♡This is the result...I {heart} it very much♡
The light was crap, though I'm sure you get the idea.
The whole thing probably didn't cost me any more than about $21 AUS
That makes it even cooler whoot whoot...double arm pump!

Just a quickie tonight.

Night All
Hug the ones you love a little tighter tonight.
For no reason other than you can :0)

I'll be back...tomorrow~errrm~ looking at the clock,
it is more likely I'll be back later TODAY


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