Wednesday, April 29, 2009

From boys to....well, bigger boys :0)

From this

To This


And this

and this, in a two and a half years!

My house has been chokka-block these holidays!
Teenagers absolutely everywhere.
I'm looking at these kids and it is dawning on me
that they are no longer children. 
This past weekend
the He-Devil and his mates were setting the 
youngest She-Devil up to cook them breakfast.
She's not allowed to enter the He-Devil's lair UNLESS
it is to do He-Devil's bidding, and she willingly jumps to attend to his
every whim, she's just that kind of girl (SO eager to please), however, much of the time
she is used and abused by the He-Devil!
I was on alert this past weekend and when she was sent
to the kitchen to make them a cooked breakfast,
I pounced!
The above photos are the result. {Bless my iPhone~curse the flat DSLR battery}
Initially I got....'ahhh never mind,' when I told him
enough was enough and that I was going to 
give him an impromptu cooking lesson.
It's not as if he doesn't have the most amazing male role model in his Dad,
and his wicked Uncle D (see here).
Juzz is an awesome cook. I just think that that is part of the problem.
There is always someone cooking that the He-Devil has just cruised along picking
from the veritable feast that is constantly set out before him :o)

Sooooo, with much complaining, the He-Devil cooked up
his own Sunday morning breakfast for his two long term buddies B and F.
They were the first two kids he bonded with when we came to town
four years ago!

I should have done the cooking lesson ages ago~he can prepare a few things~
..but you gotta start somewhere
don't you? Now the He-Devil has no excuse {{and he knows it}}....I don't think for one
moment he will all of a sudden start cooking ALL of his food
and I am sure he will try to rope the youngest She-Devil into it
as regularly as he is able to, however, he is
on his way and that is all I could hope for.
Boys WILL BE Boys after all!

Embracing Change
{because sometimes change IS good}

Have a great week everyone. 
Back to school this week, kids on Thursday

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