Wednesday, April 8, 2009

What a Wonderful Wednesday..........

Less words more pics today. Cool parcels arrived in the mail that TWO parcels!!!

Some coolness arrived from Canada. Man has there been some waiting!!! Two months if you don't mind. Western Australia is known as W.A or "Wait-A-while"! This was bordering on the ridiculous though.

Thank you to Kal. You rock. Your generosity is appreciated, as are your words. You see the first parcel was one I set up. I ordered Kal Barteski's book as a Christmas treat for myself. I'd asked her if she wouldn't mind signing her book for me. We have thrown a few emails back and forth between each other and Kal emailed me to let me know that a book had been sent BUT that she hadn't signed to forget about that parcel, that mine was close on it's heals...with an extra treat or two. She sent me a second book, signed and she included a couple of her LoveLife magnets. 

Doesn't she just Rock It BIG time? Kal, thank you, thank you, THANK YOU. I'm going to RAK-PIF it {Random Act of Kindness-Pass It Forward}. I'm giving the unsigned copy away to a woman deserving of some of Kal's magic....stay tuned.

Belle and I spent some time catching up today. I got in from Perth early Monday evening. She was so very pleased to see me. I spoke to her on the phone Monday morning and her directions were VERY clear. 'You come home now Mumma Bird, You come home now!' She has slipped into this role playing recently. She is the Baby Bird. I am Mumma Bird. Juzz is of course Daddy Bird and everyone else in the family has the appropriate Bird Label.

I got up Tuesday morning and headed off to work so we didn't hang out to much on Tuesday, we played today. We bounced on the's HUGE! We sat under the patio fan and played with her wooden animals. I giggled when I had a closer look at Kal's April Bulletin Board. She has just ordered some for her Girl Tribe. Funny how people on completely different ends of the Earth have the very same things going on under their separate roofs. Belle has eight of these dudes. I love em. I'm a bit partial towards the hippo and the zebra is a charmer too.

I love these guys, you can check em out here. I don't know where you go about getting them on-line. I picked them up at a National Geographic store. Happened to get a great price and am spewing I didn't get a few more...Grandma, Gompsey!!!I know you two are peeking in :0)  If you pass a NG store would you check out if they have any in stock PAHLEEEZE? I would love to add a few from the ANAMALZ farmyard animal range!
Last day of term tomorrow. Easter this weekend and the beginning of or first break. Two weeks holidays. We must head out into the Pilbara wilderness and 'get-a-way' for a couple of days. The weather is bearable...and getting more so. The scorching heat is lowering little by little. That will not last too long though! There are so many lovely things to see in quite close proximity and we have all the gear to head off camping for a few days. Watch out wilderness LOL!

Sleep calls.
Cheers all.


  1. I love the zebra!! She's all sold out around here. What charming Australian designed animals. WE LOVE THEM!!

  2. phew, I am glad the packages finally came for you. I have been wondering what you were getting. I have one of Kal's books too. Isn't it lovely?