Thursday, April 23, 2009

❤Thankful Thursday❤

Just a short post today. Trying out YouTube for videos. 
I found this video amongst the many picture files I have.
It was shot with my dear old Canon PowerShot 
point and shoot.
Thought I'd educate myself a little and explore YouTube,
so I can post short videos for our family and friends.
I am having a little trouble with the formatting tonight.
Every time I post my entry it is all over the place.
Try as I might the text is NOT co-operating. Going
with the flow I'm kicking the last post to the
curb and starting again.

This video was taken in hospital when Belle
was maybe two days old. I love the tenderness. I also
think it's cute that it appears Belle is blowing a 
kiss to Juzz as he is kissing her. Precious. 
I am so grateful this angel was gifted to us.
I am grateful for each of our children and that they
are, for the most part, happy HEALTHY children.

Cheers All


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