Monday, April 6, 2009


Very VERY briefly....The surprise! ( sorry, for the first time EVER I was not taking photos! I'm relying on other people to send me their photos. SO...this is all I have~thanks Bec~.) 
This is my surprise, well it was my Godson's surprise.
I flew down to surprise him for his birthday. He was so, SO very surprised. My heart just melted. He was gobsmacked. He stared at me for a few seconds before it registered what was going on..he swore 'WTF'(umm ahh)^^^see above photo^^^  then he picked me up, buried his head into my neck and cried. Then he cried and cried some more. He would not put his head up. He nuzzled himself into my neck and held me close. It was beautiful. A whole heap of emotion poured out. Unfortunately he and his Mum are having some issues at the moment and the sad thing was she rang me the day before his party and told me that she would not be going to his party. I won't go into it, it's complicated BUT it was very sad for me that she felt so strongly about not going. Standing back at looking at the situation I was able to see many sides of the story. I think she will regret not going at some stage, however, she is a stubborn woman and pushing her would have ended in us having a fall out. So I was glad that I had organised to go down. If you can't have your mother your God Mother seems to me to be the next best thing.
Especially because of the relationship he and I share. I love him. He was the son I had BEFORE I gave birth to my own son/child. I had a lot to do with caring for Blake for many years following his birth. Him staying with me from Friday to Sunday was a regular occurance. It allowed his Mum, who was a young Mum, to go out and enjoy being a teenager.
I can't belive 21 years has passed since this wee little thing came into the world 9 weeks early. He is a beautiful soul and a lovely young man I am so very glad he was brought into my life. I am blessed. I Love You Blake.

Computer access has been a joke.I'll explain when I get home.
I wasn't able to access the net yesterday so I was not able to wish my son a very happy 15th Birthday on my blog. 
He had his party last weekend so Mum was around and he was happy to postpone his gifts until I returned from Perth LOL. So, with that said I am about to pack up and head off to the shops, then to my Mum's for a flying visit and finally off to the airport for a 3.30 flight.
Take care Everyone
Hope you all had a great weekend

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