Friday, April 17, 2009

............Friday Free For All..............

Today I thought I would have a 'Friday Foto Free For All' to catch up on the updates I would have posted, had the household been free from a nasty ass bug! 
Yes, the Easter break was spent cleaning puke up, puking puke up and well without grossing everyone out everything nasty ass there is about six people in one house suffering from gastro eeewwwwwwww! I did give thanks that it wasn't ALL of us at the same time but none the less it was a pretty ordinary Thursday through to Tuesday!
I don't think anyone was feeling much like a 'choccie fest', we did however enjoy watching Belle, the first to show signs of gastro...actually the first sign was her coughing so much she started to dry wretch in the early hours of Thursday mornin. I was out of bed in a flash and sitting her up when the wretching didn't sound too 'dry' anymore. I lifted her up only to be showered in puke!
Let the fun begin!

OK ok ok changing the subject~I devoted my 'return to Blogland' post to Jock, bless him, today I'll share Belle's Easter Egg Hunt. The older kids were NOT interested in consuming chocolate, well except Tessa-Joy. She wasn't really unwell till Monday!

Easter Egg hunts outside in Hedland are not events that can be long happenings. It's too hot see the bite into the egg photo, soft soft soft.
It would have been worse had we NOT had an enormous trampoline and grass that requires another mowing. This day the longish grass worked in our favour. Where else are you gonna hide the eggs? Our Community Easter Egg hunt organizers had the right idea. They used golf tees, pushed the into the lawn all over the place at the local swimming pools! Trade your golf tee for an egg at the kiosk. Great idea.  However, not quite the same for an excited two and a half year old! She was looking for bright shiney pretty paper, I think that is more attractive than the chocolate. Belle is not really a choccie fan!

A girls gotta have a basket to put her stash in.
Thank you two dollar shop for visiting before Easter! Hair ties to pretty up the basket.

OOoooh and it's gotta be pretty. Did I say that already? :0)

Then you gotta search through the long grass under the trampoline.
Hmmmm, where could they be?

Ah Ha. I think this might be something!

It is, it is.  Oh Wow!

Look Mamma Bird, it's an egg.

Mamma Bird, don't you EVER put that camera down?

This one looks good.

I'll just have a little nibble.

Hmmm, it's a little soft you guys.

Oh well, I'll give it a go anyway.

You know Mamma Bird, it's not THAT great.

But wait, what's that?

Look, it has smarties in it. I like smarties Daddy Bird. Do you?

OK, that was fun but now lets hunt for Bellas!
SShhhh, I'm hiding behind the trampoline leg!

BOO...Here I am! giggle giggle

I love you too Daddy Bird. Thank you for helping me. You are the BEST Daddy Bird!
........and you are the BEST Mamma Bird. 
Mamma Bird needs Sissy Bird to have her camera on her more often
 so you can see the kisses I get too.


I hope everyone had a lovely Easter Break.

Now, leave me some lovin....Pahleeeeeze!
Lots of people visit me but only a few people leave me messages.
Blows kisses to those who do and even those who don't, cause I see that you visit. 
Thanks for dropping by.
I really didn't understand how much a small comment from someone can really make your Bloggy Day, until I started blogging myself!
It's not hard truely...unless you're in Bolivia like my dear dear friend Sue Evans and your connection drops in and out! Waves to Sue and blows  'miss you' kisses xXxXx
Grandma Froggy, you rock leaving me messages.
I love that you are not 'techno' challenged!
GAAAAWWWNNNNN give it a go.
Just hit the little 'comment' link at the bottom  right hand side of the post. It usually says 0comments :0(.....
Lets see if today we can break the record of 3 shall we? 
I dare you ;0)

Cheers All


  1. Dare away mumma bird, dare away.
    Terrible teenage daughter here, leaving the mummy bird i love so terribly much a comment (:
    this would be the second time that i have visited your blog i believe. nice job on that by the way *thumbs up*
    So Nowwww.., i see what your acually doing all day long whilst your sitting up at that big fancy iMac of yours.. which if i must add, needs a good fix seeing as it refuses to sync my iPod.. therefore no new 'Tunes for Jordy to listen to ):

    I wouldn't exactly call this Easter an 'Easter to remember', well not in the nice sence anyway.
    Bella Bird looking as bubbly as ever in those bright beaut photos, what we all love to see :)

    Well there is ya comment Mumma.
    Lots of Love, now off to the Video Store and Chinese Food Place we go! Love Youuuuu *bats eyelashes* <3

  2. I agree. I more people would leave comments too. So, I thought I would drop you a line. It's nice to get non-family/friends commenting, as well. As I read your posts I try to imagine your Aussie accent. I can hear it well as I've been to Australia and we watch a lot of Wiggles, plus be parents are British so many of the slang words are the same, like choccie bickies. Have a great day.

  3. Funny, I was cleaning up puke on Easter too - and for the week and a half before and days after. My kids spread out the joy giving me about a day of non-pukiness before the next one would start. Sadly, the Easter pukeage happened in the car on the way to my sis's. At least neither one of us will forget this Easter any time soon. :)