Thursday, December 31, 2009

...Koala's really DO roam Aussie Streets LOL...

Finishing the Old Year in the manner I wish to start to continue
the New Year...Blogging more frequently.
I had such a hard time overcoming a storage issue with my laptop, I hadn't been able to
blog about our goings on here in Adelaide.
Storage problemo fixed
for the sole purpose of storing my photos.
It was my bargain buy of the post Christmas sales.
$120AUS...a savings off of the ticketed price of $100AUS

OK...a little feel good story from yesterday.

We were out an about in the Adelaide Hills yesterday,
with some friends that have relocated to Adelaide.
We were at a local Wine and Tapas Bar

I was enjoying a Latte and thinking about my dear friend Lisa.
Thinking about how lovely it would be if she was enjoying the gorgeously sunny day
AND a coffee with me.

Something happened that had everyone on the shopping strip buzzing.

Yes we live in Australia.

Yes we do have Kangaroos AND Koalas here....

....HOWEVER, they do not roam our streets
as presumed by many people overseas.

☺☺☺BOY did this kick THAT theory in the pants LOL ☺☺☺

A local helps the little dude safely across the road.

He does a little window shopping.

He stopped and allowed Belle and I close enough to take a photo.

Then shimmied up a tree, struck a beautiful pose,
then hiked up a little higher to catch a few zzzzzzzz's

I was gobsmacked...but remembered my point and shoot tucked away in my bag.
I even remembered it had a video function.
Please excuse the ooohing and aaaahing,
and the dreadful shaking at times,
it is after all only a point and shoot,
However, I for one am absolutely rapt I have this captured on film and video☺
I giggle when I hear Belle's belly laugh.
She and I were in awe.
What a fantastic way to end a great day.

Yes I know it's not WAS somewhere in the world when this happened though and I just want to let Rachel and Mr Daddy over at Once Upon A Miracle, that whilst I have been outta sight, THEY have not been outta mind :0)

Now to jump into the New Year feet first.

Thanks for dropping by
Have a safe and Happy New Year
my friends



  1. Oh Jewelz,

    How sweet is that Koala? Amazing!
    I loved listening to your voice with accent, love the accent, and Belle's infectious little giggle. How sweet is she?

    I hope you are enjoying yourself and the beautiful weather.

    Sloan has been hovering over the mailbox, since I showed her your comment, sooo adorable!

    How are you feeling?
    Oh I cannot wait it is absolutely divine.
    How is everybody feeling about the news?

    Sleepless night here....
    Hugs and all the love in the universe.

  2. Oh golly - how I miss being able to hear Belle's laugh! And no apologies for the oohing and aahing - I couldn't hear it... though I was afraid my little guy would wake up with all of MY oohing and aahing! :)

    Goodness that was A-DOR-ABLE! I am in love! It was so funny how he walked around like it was totally normal and everyone else was gathered around adoring him (in shorts and tank tops... GRRR no fair!)

    And that jump to the tree? I had no clue they could do that! We really ought to come for a visit, no? :)

    Hope you had a wonderful Christmas - so glad to see you in the bloggyworld!

    Happiest New Year!

  3. What a lovely little video. When I was in Australia I held a koala. He didn't seem too thrilled with that.

    I love hearing your voice. You have a lovely voice and the Aussie accent of course makes it that much cuter to us Canadians with boring accents. It is always strange to hear someone's voice that you feel like you kind of know, yet have never met.

    Hope you are having a wonderfully fun New Year's Eve! Is it almost midnight down under, or has it passed? Either way, all the best for 2010.

  4. I hope that Rach was refering to me when she said that she is in love????
    would be pathetic to be jealous of a Koala Bear (no matter how cute) LOL

    gr8 seeing you back blogging I asked Rach a few times if she knew what was up with you... Said a few prayers for you...

    All is well Jewelz is back :o)

  5. Awww, that is so awesome! All we get here by the creek is deer. I suppose I could transpose "Bambi" in my mind, but they are nowhere NEAR as cool as a koala! Love the video, and so glad to see that you are back in "da house", at least in terms of visiting Rach and Mr. Daddy and doing the Tuesday thang. Happy New Year!

  6. Oh my goodness. I just think koalas are SO cute. What a fun thing to capture on your camera! I am SO glad you had it with you! Hope you have a wonderful new year! May Bella's laugh continue to brighten your days : )

  7. I'm with Pam, we got deer and "critters" but nothing like that! And I just thought kangaroo's and koala's roamed, like, the back alleys or something. lol. seriously, though. I figured you would see them on a long drive or something. I would pass the freak out if I saw one walking up the street! LOL So cute though!

  8. Oh, yeah. About my TST, you mentioned me "Falling" for Cruz, I couldn't believe NO ONE had mentioned it either (and still haven't) in the many re-tellings that have already made its way through our small community! So funny you mentioned that! LOL

  9. What an awesome thing to witness!! I can't believe the close-up pictures. So cool!

  10. That animal has got to be one of the cutest animals God ever created. I just want to pick one up and hug it!