Monday, December 21, 2009


It has been a hectic couple of days.
Finish school, tidied up and got my Art Room ready for next year!
Tidied our house, inside AND out...cyclone was heading for us!
{{with help, thank you magical Penny for attacking, and taming our fridge eewwww}}
{{Thank you Juzz for numerous tip runs, as a result of the cyclone clean-up outside}}
I will have a sparkly clean house to return too. L♡VE IT
Now all I have to do is go through the mounds of clothes left behind and discard those that are
no longer wearable ((too small, to stained or too daggy LOL))
and all will be wonderful in my world.
We jetted out of Hedland yesterday morning...just missing cyclone Lawrence which was threatening Heddy {{{phew}}}
Landed in Perth....caught up with my beautiful niece Ashleigh, her Mum and Ashleigh's boyfriend Brian, briefly though...we had a couple of hours layover in Perth.
Then flew onto Adelaide. Home with the Grandparents and doting Uncle D
for Christmas and New Year!
Aaahhhhhh{{{sigh of contentment}}}
We flew in @ 9.30pm.
Had a slow start to the day today...hey, it's holidays LOL ;0P
Enjoyed Good Coffee@home ((Love Mum and Dad's coffee machine mmmmm))

...Lisa, I'm gearing up for our Chrissy Coffee and Cake Chat :0)
Took this photo this afternoon Lisa. Brighton Beach looking out to Brighton Jetty.
I was out scouting for the perfect place this afternoon for our next get together,
after I had an amazing hour and fifteen minute full body massage {{{sighs}}}
{{Anna have AMAZING hands and an equally lovely heart.}}
♡♡♡I enjoy our sessions♡♡♡
Very very nurturing and therapeutic
Our coffee sessions Lisa AND Anna's massage sessions, that is LOL!
♥♥One followed by the other would be pure magic I think♥♥

Now to start my holiday list of things to do....hmmmmm.
Thinking Thinking

Back tomorrow with a little more info about my bloggy absence
and perhaps I'll even have a few things to add to my
'Things to do whilst on holiday" list.
Art Galleries are up there on my places to visit list :0)
I'm sure I shall find a plethora of places to keep me busy if I try hard enough LMAO!
Treasure your true friends this Festive season and kick the rest of em to the curb I say!
Don't waste a precious drop of energy on anyone who is NOT deserving of your attention.
Lavish it on those who are.
Count your blessings.
I know I have MANY to be grateful for.

Thanks for dropping by


  1. Enjoy your holidays!

    We are all out sick with stuffy noses, sore throats, and feeling oh so achy. BLAH!

    All the love in the universe from me to you.

  2. Three more days untill Christmas, can you believe it?

    I am so excited to see the children squeal and scream and tear open, my video carmera is charging as we speak. Yeah!

    Coffee soon?

    Loves and hugs,

  3. PRAY TELL.....I love the lead up to this secret!

    All the love in the universe from me to you.