Sunday, February 8, 2009

Sunday Randomness

A busy week this week, everyone was back to school. Even Missy B headed off for her first two days of "Playschool".

She waved over her shoulder and headed off in search of adventure! 

Dad and Mum were left staring blankly at each other and simultaneously uttering sadly the phrase "Our Baby!".

We hung her bag, signed her in, dropped her shoes into the basket and followed after her as she headed towards the "Land of Little People" 

and the little people's kitchen area, she was checkin out the produce in the fridge and what cooking implements she had at her disposal! 

With out a word of a lie. That's where I found her!!!

Now tell me it's not a genetic thing and I'll tell you YOU HAVE NO IDEA! I have been immersed in the culinary culture that IS the Byrne Family.

I shall find piccies and post. The Byrne Family create kitchens you just want to be in...even if you can't cook! 

If you can't cook, you leave their kitchens feeling like you at least want to give it a try!

If they go away on holidays, they take all that need to ensure what ever kitchen they end up in, they can 'play' to their hearts content!

Truly, ask anyone that has been away with us, in hotels OR camping. Miss I...who would you choose as a camping partner if you were going tooooo Karijini?

Or Eighty Mile Beach, even?


Perhaps I shall return later to post some Sunday Randomness Photos of the Week! Just perhaps

I may even pop out and take a photo of Mr J's newest 'kitchen plaything'! It's price tag made me gasp...

then quiet calm spread throughout my body....If he can have new toy, I can too...[Jewelz smiles widely]

...especially if I would only be spending HALF the amount he spent on his 'toy' if I bought a wide angle lens for my 'toy' LOL 

Can anyone guess what it is?{hint, It won't fit through the front door!}



Check Out this for a little Sunday Randomness! I {heart} ukuleles and talented ukulele players.

Here's two to start your day. Daniellesmagic is not as awe inspiring as Jake Shimabukuro however BOTH are each spirit lifting.



  1. Don't know what you did differently but can't read all of this post. It shoots of the side of the page.

  2. Ok, now I can read it properly would have to say that yes I would only go camping with you LOL.