Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Todays gifts

 I love how my fav on-line cosmetics company delivers your orders wrapped {in the box} AND how they tie a lilac ribbon around your parcel. Makes me smile every time I get a delivery!

Living in the Pilbara means we do not have access to many shops. So embracing on-line shopping means the mailman can deliver lots of smiles when he delivers the mail. StrawberryNet is an absolute blessing for me

I can access ALL my favorites including my new BESTFRIEND Touche Eclat.
It has had amazing reviews so I decided to check it out {{this is actually the 'spare' that arrived today...WHAT??? It was on special WITH free delivery, how could I pass it by LOL}}

.................and to top it off at three o'clock I had ANOTHER appointment for a mini pedicure and manicure! The spoil time I had last week was fantastic, however the nail polish I chose must have been stuffed because it was all smudged before I left the salon. It was so soft. The girl thinks the nail polish had had it, so they rescheduled me in this week to re-do them woohoo! So I have pretty colour on my nails {{for the moment, it never lasts too long for me. It chips and peels quite quickly. I'm not the most lady-like person I know LOL!}} I nearly did this lot in before the sun went down!!! 

Our darling son Josh whines endlessly when asked to mow the lawn and whippersnip it {{remember I married a LANDSCAPER not a GARDNER, so Justin does NOT maintain the garden, that's why our front lawn is now artificial turf, I love it...water wise AND the best looking lawn in the street AND SO green!!!!}} and I always end up whining just as hard after he (Josh) has finished, because MY finished and HIS finished are very different. So tonight I supervised. He carried on so much I pushed him off the lawnmower (well not literally, I just took over mowing) and made him whippersnip. Then when I'd finished with the mowing I took the whippersnipper off of him and 'finished' the job. Then went inside and hung sh!t on him, because it wasn't as hard as the little toad made out. I told him he should be feeling 'shame' because I did a WAY better job than he and that in the future, when he was asked to do the back yard, I wanted it JUST the way I had done it...or I'd give him a hard time about what a limp d!ck he was if his Mum can do a better job mowing AND whippersnipping than he can....he smiled and I think I had a little breakthrough (better than a breakdown I suppose  LMAO)...we'll wait till the next time it needs doing though! 

The older kids all headed off to the Dentist today. Whoot, whoot (double arm pump)!!!  We finally have a dentist at our clinic. She's only here for 10 weeks, so I wasn't letting this opportunity pass by. No telling when another dentist may be back through this way, another draw back living in the North West! Apart from Tess needing a very small filling, all is well. One filling for three kids in ALMOST 15 years, not bad I think. Grandma Froggy will be pleased their teeth are in such good nick! (sorry Lyn...Belle still insists you are Grandma Froggy :0) 

So all in all a good day came to pass. Hope everyone else had a nice day. Off to snuggle my man now. Bedtime.

Sleep With Angels All
Cheers Jewelz

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