Wednesday, February 18, 2009

After a gentle pause.........................

Time for a little catch up.
Perhaps a few random bits and pieces for you to cruise through.

Yes Juzz bought himself a new barbee.
One does not complain because the man cooks up a storm
no matter what kitchen he is in!!!
He is however on warning...he is NOT to set this one on fire!!!
I bought him a BBQ for his birthday in 07. 
Before it was a year old it went up in flames!!
"I DID check the drip tray!"He protested 
as the fire extinguisher spluttered and died! Used. Spent.
{Jewelz rolls eyes}
You see much like 'He is a Landscaper, NOT a Gardener!'
In a kitchen 'He is the Chef, NOT the kitchen-hand!'
The mess that man makes in a kitchen....whooooooooooa baby!

Ok so that is my first piece of randomness for today.
I may just have a bit of a blogfeist posting random bits all day.
Just to catch up and appease myself for my bloggy pause :0)

Note for Amanda :0)
The previous post was bugging me too
and as I am still getting the hang
of this blogging stuff
I wasn't sure how to fix it.
So I cut and pasted and re posted.
Then silly double spacing showed up 
and I was happy to leave it at that, because
I had NO idea how to get rid 
of the extra spaces! LOL


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