Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Ready Set Go

HELLO WEDNESDAY  I have a few errands to run. I need to pop over to the ChildCare center. MissyB's place has come up JUST in time for me to start work (she's only been on the list for a year and a bit!!!!). Actually they mucked up and after a chat to the Director they have made a place available for her. Which I am very VERY grateful for. So we need to pop in for an orientation this afternoon. Childcare placements are VERY hard to secure up in in the Pilbara. So I am pleased Belle has a place. I am more happy that she gets to hang out with other small people, she is SO ready to have that interaction time. Hanging with the big people is cool and we all love her to death, but I'm sure she gets sick of the same faces and looking up at everyone. She's in for two days a week, starting next Tuesday.

I have to pop in to the framers and see if a painting I bought in Broome over the holidays is finished. The canvas needed to be stretched (or restretched as in this case). THAT was a drama. I'll explain about that later.

I may pop into work, grab my keys and see where I want to start when I kick off my working year tomorrow. Yahoo....I am SO ready to get back into it!

Just wanted to see how fast I could get a header done and posted. I'm pretty pleased with how I'm getting my head around posting my blog entries. WHOOT WHOOT WHOOT triple arm pump.

So off to shower get our little person dressed and we're out the door.

Later.........ready, set, GO!


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